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  1. To be fair though, coming from you Robot man, this means the guy could still be in his early 70s
  2. You are only allowed that flaw if it's a manufacturing defect. People forget that and send a book with a small tear that was due to handling (rather than manufacturing) and wonder why it gets 9.0 while a similar looking tear on a Spidey 361 gets a 9.8
  3. I'm ready to bet the post office will make damn sure they dont have to owe you 6k
  4. I never saw the issue with completely split spines. I prefer those over the covers that are barely hanging on since they cant get worse. And those books end up looking really good in a slab, it's my preferred way to buy the more expensive GA books.
  5. Just insure it for 6k at the post office, problem solved.
  6. I guess I really am a DC Fanboy because the comic there I am most jealous of is that first kid flash. Then again I like rare books and that's the rarest one of them all. Awesome picks! Also, just wondering, to participate in this thread, we are taking top 10 slabs right? Or just top 10 comics you own?
  7. It's in the link too. You can see how long grading takes and how long pressing takes, depending on if you picked fast track for any. Then combine them and count them as working days. Odds are it's several months.
  8. Not likely, we already know the grade CGC gave it as is, which is 9.0. So going lower is not likely.