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  1. I think this all comes to show that Jim Lee doesn't really have an obvious key compared to most other famous comic artists.
  2. The reason I would prefer (and have) my books at mycomicshop rather than here is because I don't want the hassle of shipping. Especially from Canada, which could be pricey and a dealbreaker to some who don't want to deal with cross boarder stuff. So by sending all my inventory to mycomicshop, all that is circumvented. Plus I dont want to have to deal with returns. 8% comission sounds like a great deal to only send to one place once and not have to do more.
  3. He's been doing lots of art ever since he became high ranking at DC. Like interiors in Suicide Squad. And he does quite a few covers, like one for each of the DKR III issues and the recent Batman wedding issue, to name a few.
  4. Mycomicshop is where I have my books on auction right now.
  5. Just do it before the pandemic is over and people have other things to do than stare at a computer.
  6. Just edit your first post and change the title to "please delete "
  7. This doesn't look like a faulty case, it's just the spot where the plastic comes out of the mold, hence why all cgc holders look uneven on the sides. That's why nothing was mentioned, it's not a faulty case.
  8. This is being sold as a 2.5 by heritage and yet the same defect described will get a 0.5 from CGC (proof can be seen below). Their own site says they wouldn't give more than a 1.0 to a comic with a coupon cut. "Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (Fawcett Publications, 1942) Condition: GD+. Origin and first appearances of Mary Marvel and the Marvel Family. Classic painted cover by C. C. Beck. Art by Beck and Mac Raboy. Cream to off-white pages. Tape on interior of front cover. Fawcett Comix Cards clipped from back cover. Overstreet 2020 GD 2.0 value = $811." https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/superhero/captain-marvel-adventures-18-fawcett-publications-1942-condition-gd-/a/122038-15112.s?ic2=mybidspage-lotlinks-12202013&tab=MyBids-101116 Here is how CGC would grade such a comic:
  9. And that's not even the first appearance of Hush, it's the first appearance of Tommy Elliot, the person most established with Hush (Harvey Dent and Jason Todd had that costume as well). I think that also comes into play with how Hush isn't as popular. Because the character was more of a mystery figure, where his ID was unknown (like Jeph Loeb's two previous 12 issue mystery Batman stories), his origin isn't clear cut. To the point that in the animated film adaptation, Hush isn't his own character but revealed to be the Riddler instead. And even after the Hush storyline, they kept playing with who Hush really was and wasn't. As a Batman fan, I feel Hush is more of a storyline than a mainstay character.
  10. This is real https://www.originalprop.com/blog/2009/10/27/heritage-auction-galleries-lawsuit-in-the-news-claims-of-fake-bidder-n-p-gresham-auction-manipulation/
  11. Deathstroke came first, Deadpool is based on Deathstroke.
  12. By next year Deadpool and Venom will both have 2 high profile films where they are the main character. Meanwhile Hush didn't even appear in the Lego Batman movie meaning Condiment King has more time on the big screen than Hush at the moment.
  13. I didn't mention that because as a canadian buying from Americans, I will be charged sales tax when it crosses the border.
  14. The post office holds your parcel ransome until you go there yourself and pay the fees or you pay the fees online and then show up to the post office with proof of payment to pick up your parcel. To avoid the fees and added time held, the seller can mark the package as a gift or declare a low value (75 usd)