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  1. All good points. I think that's it though. People are investing in these comics like you would a stock. I cant really see another way this would be interpreted.
  2. As lion's den said you have 2 major bads: the spine split AND the tape. So that makes it much easier to judge it. I would assume a 4.5 for this book.
  3. They would since you didn't pay extra for the press screening fee. It sucks big time though, that's why I send my books to be pressed by someone else. They will tell me if the book can't be pressed and I won't be charged for it.
  4. My best advice then is to better understand how to grade. that will be an invaluable skill in this hobby and its rather easy to learn. Look up the Overstreet Grading Guide on Amazon. Best thing you could ever buy. You can tell if its NM before sending to CGC. If it's not as described then file an e-bay claim. Glad you found us!
  5. Get a detective Comics 359. You can get a decent copy in that price range and it's bound to go up in 20 years. I have the same budget and idea as you and that's what I will buy.
  6. too bad it had to be on a comic that has more creators involved than any other
  7. I would never buy a raw comic that is said to be 9.8. If someone wants me to pay them 9.8 money, they better be giving me a CGC 9.8 slab.
  8. Also, for many modern comics (well many comics in general), grading them s only worthwhile if they come back 9.8. Here's an example, a dealer friend of mine had lots of Firestorm vol 2 #1 that looked really nice. He thought like you, why let money on the table when a 9.8 could get back way more than selling raw. So he sent them in. They came back 9.4 and 9.6. With the time and money spent on grading, shipping, pressing, that was a loss for him. He would have made more simply selling them 10$-20$ raw. That same scenario can apply for most books, showing you why dealers won't have all thei
  9. CGC does offer that service. But I personally have someone else press them for me. The person I use is @joeypost Their services can be seen here: https://cfpcomics.com/services/
  10. OOOoof, you were in for a rough awakening with Comiclink. That site still operates like it was 2005. Wait till you get that spider 404 page. Always takes me back to 1998. You're talking about real time and that site doesn't even let you track a book without bidding on it. Also, by all means go on Heritage and enjoy paying 10% more + extra credit card fees. Hope that real time is worth it.
  11. Great question, I love it. Everything I am about to say assumes you are talking about modern books. If you buy a new comic at a comic book store and it doesn't have noticeable bends or dents or creases, then your odds of it being a 9.4 or better are very high. The majority of comics on the shelves are 9.4s and many can even get a 9.8 if pressed (the pressing will remove finger bends and only leave the production defects which almost all comics have). As for why a seller wouldn't grade it themselves, there can be a bunch of reasons, the main one being that money now is worth more than mon
  12. March has some really good books I want. One especially which does not come on the market often. Really worried about how it will turn out. Will keep you all posted if I win it or not. These books aren't ludicrously pricey but I just don't want to pay $500 on a book that was $150 last year and might be again next year. Feels like buying a Marvel Premier 15 9.8 in 2016 Yes, it's asset class inflation. People have lots of money to spend that isn't being spent elsewhere. Think of all the more affluent people who pay 10 grand and more on vacations yearly. They still have
  13. I can think of so many other comics to get if I had that kind of dough to drop on one comic.