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  1. Any other suggestions.. planning to start selling stuff - example Spiderman 301-400
  2. I plan to start selling off some of my collection on eBay next week. I noticed Comics seem to get Better sales in the evening. Although I’m wondering if anyone has better luck on any day of the week Friday Saturday Sunday etc.
  3. Thanks everyone!!! Does anyone have a coupon code for the Gemini mailers?
  4. Do you put the shipping label on the gemeni box? Or in an envelope?
  5. Thanks very helpful. Are these inserted into an envelope or box? Or just sent as is.. thanks!
  6. Where does everyone get there packaging supplies. I am going to start selling individual issues of ASM on EBay (50-100). Looking to ship securely but also not spend a fortune... Any suggestions that would help are greatly appreciated.
  7. Sorry if this has been discussed.. although I was unable to find a clear answer. If you sell an expensive book.. $1k+ that you have held for years.. $100 basis.. do you pay 28% collectable tax on the gain???