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  1. Forgot to make a post on August 1st... Let's see those August books!
  2. When does "Late July" officially start?
  3. I believe that's why they call it "Christmas in July"
  4. I've been collecting for about 3 years now and Journey into Mystery is by far my favorite SA series.
  5. Okay so my last picture looked like garbage, so I threw something together that looked more formal like @bc post
  6. Not as impressive as @bc but it's a start!
  7. Nice copy! Looks a little better than a 4.5. I personally think that TTA have better monster covers than most PHM leading up to issue #27.
  8. Anyone have any group shots of their PHM issues? I'd love to see some posts of those in here!
  9. Only have the one in my collection and it's a bit of a lower grade.
  10. Didn't realize how many "Lumpy Orange Guys" I had in my collection
  11. Can't remember if I had posted these here but figured I would share them anyway!