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  1. Love this book! One of my first graded comics!
  2. I'm a fan of that too, here's my copy of JIM 66.
  3. Every time a post is made in here, I always think that it is going to be a cancellation notice of Fan Expo As much as I would love to attend this show, I feel like mid-June is too early to start having large crowds of people gathering in one place. Fingers crossed that I'm wrong and everything will be fine!
  4. Two of my favorite covers. I really love how dark and serious the Dark Knight looks in these.
  5. My copy of The Killing Joke that I picked up at one of my first Cons!
  6. Finally getting around to catching up on my scanning. Thought I would post an updated picture!
  7. My collection of Pre-Hero Marvels: Journey into Mystery Strange Tales Tales to Astonish