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  1. I can say with confidence I don't want anything signed by Liefeld. Jim Lee would be cool but I probably wouldn't participate in the event. I'd prefer Artgerm or Parrillo so I can get some sweet Vampirella SS
  2. From what I remember it was because he didn't want to support the practice of the ridiculous ratio variants like 1:1000 and 1:2000 stuff. The Spawn Retailer incentive was because these were given to the stores for free.
  3. I really like the Artgerm cover, think it's issue #94. Asked my LCS to order it once available. Batman #89 is a cool cover so I'm glad I got mt order in for it because the prices on ebay are the region that I would never pay.
  4. New figure based on Artgerms work, specifically the variant cover of Catwoman #14, up now on pre-order at Sideshow. Definetly adding this to the collection.
  5. Wolverine #312 1:35, been told this is a rare find, 3 for sale on ebay at stupid prices, cover price purchase.
  6. I don't sell books or buy books in the hopes of selling it later, I buy them for me and for me the appearance will always take preference.
  7. My wife loved the movie, I didn't really enjoy it that much. It didn't feel like anything really, seeing it or not wouldn't make any difference.
  8. This beauty arrived yesterday
  9. My second book submission came back yesterday