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  1. My LCS is having a massive 75% sale at the moment, got the below
  2. My LCS is having a massive 75% sale at the moment, so bought all the below which came to $103, I think I did well, very happy but the sale ends on Saturday so I think I will be back haha
  3. Found 3 in the $ bin, sold one for $300 and kept the other 2, whether it goes up or down I lose nothing.
  4. LCS were having a little random draw for people that bought something, I won the copy of Legion of Super-Heroes
  5. Thanks, I only paid $50 for it which is why I'm thinking I should take the chance on it. It's all a learning process so might be fun to give it a go.
  6. Hope this is in the correct place. I recently bought a New Teen Titans #2 and after looking at it in person it seems to be in really good condition, so I'm wondering if I should crack this, get it press, cleaned and submit it again. Unfortunately there are no grader notes on this but hopefully members with more experience in this may be able to give me more advice on it. I do know that this book has not been pressed or cleaned before, so it's possible it could get a grade bump. The major defect I can see is the top right corner, apologies for the pics, hard to take them in the slab but there is a small crease on the corner, not sure if this goes through the book as it is also visible on the back, this is my main concern which might keep it at a 9.0. The other 2 defects I can see are 2 small spine ticks, one above the top staple.