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  1. Picked up these at my LCS today, I'm glad to see they are starting to bring in more
  2. I buy books just for the covers, luckily there are still plenty that are both a good cover and book. Can't stand covers with speech bubbles nor do I feel that a cover needs to hint at what's happening inside the book. It needs to be striking and eye catching which is what many moderns are doing right in my eyes.
  3. LCS had 1 of these available and I had to make it mine
  4. So happy I was able to get this
  5. Vengeance of Vampirella #25 and Evil Ernie #1, was a kid, can't remember how old, probably around 8-9
  6. Not me but a friend of mine did, he took the green label and got a 9.2. Said writing on front cover and number written on the back, it was a limited print of 300 or something and his was numbered in pen. With regards to the COA with my Campbell SS, CGC just send it back with the book in a normal bag and board. I don't know what I did with it might have thrown it away since the yellow label is all the proof I need.
  7. Was hoping to find that 1:10 variant but managed to pick up these 4 at a bargain so happy to have them
  8. Vengeance of Vampirella launched today so picked up these 2, waiting to see what the other LCS gets and possibly add to the haul, really wanted that Middleton cover but they didn't get it in.