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  1. The Ross variant was free, LCS was giving the first 10 customers who bought something a free copy.
  2. Found my one in the $ bin, was surprised to see it's value, I'm just going to hold onto it for now, see if she pops up in a movie maybe even slab it as it seems to be in great condition.
  3. Really like this cover for BLADE RUNNER 2029 #1, put my order in at my LCS
  4. Dunno I only bought it because my LCS still hasn't got first prints. We haven't been receiving some books lately and are 3 weeks behind. Same with Strange Academy #2 no 1st or 2nd prints have come in but 3rd prints have.
  5. Speculation that Sentry is the god of light talked about in the new Wraith book.
  6. They were at my LCS, another 20 or so copies there, so guess they ordered too many no one was buying so they shoved them in the $ bin.