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  1. Aggressive much? You're right. Conversation over.
  2. What is the big deal? I made my point. Someone adamantly disagrees. I drop it. Life moves on. It always does. It's good that there's helpful info within these forums. But there ain't a lot of love.
  3. Wow... Just. Wow. I will not repeat my points. I don't need to. And you seem very invested in this... Shrugs shoulders and walks away.
  4. Wouldn't they be a huge savings of time? What if all books came in 9.8 from the start? All. Quickly note your review without the need for a novel. How is a person's professional review documented then? With zero notes? Is that what the clients and future owners are asking for now? Can I please buy a book from you for $1,200? But I want one that doesn't have any Grader's notes at all! Pleeeeeease.
  5. Yeah. Makes sense. I got them back in lots, 1 and 2 months ago. I saw the notes real time when they shipped but only half or fewer had notes. I figured at the time that they just weren't attached yet. imo all books that are graded should have notes. Even 9.8s. 'Slight wear on lower spine.' etc doesn't take much time to document. And why not document the work you've done? Just addressing some books that I'm gonna resubmit that I should have had pressed.
  6. Thanks. I'm looking up books that I submitted. On many, 'Notes are not available'. Do I have to call in?
  7. We have to pay $5 to see grader notes for our submissions. Is that correct?
  8. Agreed. And he signed in black ink in a place on the cover where it easily stands out. Maybe it's the difference between inkers, and pencillers and writers... Ha!
  9. Same subject. Different vein. Do we know the approx. turn around time for Modern pressing and grading by CCS and CGC? The comments are a little concerning in this thread. My view is. If there really is only one of the two to chose. I'll take right over fast, every time. Just tryin to get an idea of how long right is taking nowadays. On a totally different vein. Here's a pic of a cool book.
  10. I don't understand why this slab/process ever even went into production out of the test environment. I sure don't understand why CGC isn't addressing this. This has been going on for so long now... Just got my Marvel Spotlight 28 back today. Guess what... And it has plenty of friends. Ugh
  11. I started to count the number of ways to go about making money, and still having time for life, that would be easier than establishing a presence and building a comic certification business. I kept losing count. There are just so many...
  12. My business days were way challenging (and are now past) but, no. I'm outtie. I could NEVER handle the organized chaos of the grading business. BUSY and ya gotta figure the margins are tight. Nope. Happy being a client. My only role is to stay outta their hair and be patient when the times call for that. Having my one order chased down because I'm pressed would just slow the whole process down. Multiply that by maybe 100s of clients...and then everyone has a problem... No. I'm good with this part of the biz/hobby because, green as I am here, I do understand this part. Due to all the work that's required and the incoming volume, 'stuff' takes time, yo.
  13. SAWEEEET! Status: Finalized / Imaged / Shipped Order #: CGCxxxxxxxxxxxx Received: 9/4/19 Shipped: 9/30/19