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  1. I meant to post this in the Silver Age section.... accidentally posted in silver age for sale section... My bad Thank you for responses. Sounds like he is legit
  2. So I am looking at a listing on ebay it's cgc graded and I place a bid. The listing says there is a chunk missing from the case, but no big deal. Then I see several other books that I would also be interested in.... but ALL of them have a chunk missing from the case. Should I be worried about the book being tampered with? Why would he have so many books with the same problem with the slab? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Our-Army-At-War-90-CGC-7-5-DC-Comics-High-Grade-How-Sgt-Rock-Earned-His-Stripes-/274076894189
  3. Best seller on the boards = the best seller on ebay. Last chance to place your bids!
  4. This Canadian copy is nicer than my U.S. copy was.
  5. I used to avoid books with date stamps. Then I bought this book, which has my anniversary for the date stamp, and I have been a date stamp fan ever since