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  1. Just received this today. It looks even better in person. It is officially tied with my OAAW 112 for my favorite pieces of art. Thank you Matt !
  2. I wish I still had my TTA 27 to go with it....
  3. Looking to buy a Blazing Combat 1 CGC 6.5 or better. Offwhite or better pages
  4. I do remember it was on the label for the turtles. I don't think the Bone qualified had anything noted on the label.
  5. I once had a turtles 1 that was signed on the first page. It came back blue. I also had a bone 1 signed on the cover. it came back 9.4 qualified. I think if it is signed on the cover it will be a qualified grade. Interior signature can come back blue depending on the signature.
  6. Great idea.... Now I'm disappointed it's not available.
  7. One of my favorite covers. Sweet copy.
  8. Pms welcomed. posted in thread trumps pms. Going to offer this book up for $250 shipped US/Canada. 2nd Sgt Rock Prototype 1st Easy Company 2nd Highest Graded Off white to white pages Payment must be made tonight via PayPal. Book will be shipped Tuesday via priority mail. Thanks for taking a look