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  1. I was looking to see if anyone knows when exactly does the sig books get signed and their experience with the service. Thats how i found this post. So would you do it again? And how many comics did you send?
  2. I hope you are right. Guess I'll find out in a few months when cgc sends it back. I'll post results on here too. Obviously a press is not gonna save the damages on this book but would you say the pressing that cgc offers is worth it or should I next time look for an independent guy?
  3. Oh no..... If thats true then that really sucks. So how would an SS slab be handled? Would it be yellow labels with a green strip on top?
  4. When you say low grade regardless, do you think lower than 2.0? I don't want a 0.5 coming back as I would be better off leaving it in a toploader.
  5. hey everyone, I'm new to grading and could use ALOT of help. CGC has an upcoming private signing with Chris clairemont and I wanted to send my xmen 101 in but was curious as to what the grade would end up being. Its low grade, that much I know, but what is everyone's opinion on how low a grade. Looks like the first several pages from cover are detached at the bottom staple but then the rest are still attached. Also, would pressing and cleaning help the overall grade? Or am I just better off displaying in mylar? Thanks in advance everyone
  6. Hey everyone, I'm Sergio, from new jersey. I've been a fan of comics all throughout my childhood (late 80s-90's). Marvel, DC, malibu, image, dark horse. It didnt matter, i was reading it if the cover looked cool, lol. But........Been out of the loop for the last 15 years. Any recommendations on what to catch up on are welcome. After a recent visit to my parents house, my father provided me with some of my comics he surprisingly saved. So friggin awesome, dad!!! Definitely renewed my love of collecting. But now I also wanna start having my more prized books graded and boast/display them in my mancave. Im not sure how that whole process works but hopefully I can read what others have done on here and figure it out. I look forward to engaging with the community. Should be fun