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  1. Up for grabs from my Spidey collection is Spider-Man #8 CGC 6.0 with the 1st appearance of the Living Brain! This issue is beautifully centered and comes with fresh WHITE pages!! The colors and the structure of this book are amazing and looks every bit a 7.0 or better! Really gorgeous eye appeal and hope it finds a nice home! 1. No Probation or Hall of Shame buyers. 2. Payment via PayPal, Check, or Money Order. 3. $15.00 Priority Mail shipping. If outside US, I will calculate exact shipping charge. 4. All sales final for CGC books. SPIDER-MAN #8 CGC 6.0 WHITE pages $579.00
  2. Thank you! It's been a labor of love trying to locate nicely centered/wrapped copies with White pages. And also took several years searching to find this #122 that I am very happy with...
  3. Beautiful book of one of my favorite issues and great to have you back Hoping to post my updated early Punisher run sometime soon...
  4. Congrats on the accomplishment Dave!! That is a spectacular collage of Spidey key White pager's And I just noticed they are all the same style CGC case, great job!
  5. Great accomplishment and #5 is a beauty! Don't think I've seen a nicer one in that grade In keeping with the symmetrical White Page goodness (shout out to DST Dave)…