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  1. Beautiful books everyone! Love your sig line Dave, quite spectacular! And great way to keep this thread at the top with a classic Romita cover...
  2. I think we may have uncovered the new "P" arrival date pedigree!
  3. Wow, that FF#3 without question looks sliced and diced with possibly the bottom edge having avoided the knife! By the way, trimming is not minor restoration. It is arguably the worst type of restoration performed, call it mutilation of a comic book. And I'd be extremely concerned about color touch and tear seals on this book as well. Best of luck with it. Since you're not selling it and are happy, enjoy it in your collection.
  4. Buyers will likely calculate the sales tax and adjust their purchase price offers on high dollar books on eBay, and bid or BIN accordingly. My thoughts are this could in turn lower GPA sales data (by 7%-8%) on many CGC books. Sales tax where I live in California is 7.75%.
  5. So from a Restored CGC 9.4 to Universal CGC 9.0. What restoration was removed? Did they tear the bottom right corner off too?
  6. Would be interested to see the names and disbursement amounts he has provided to single mothers. Might be a long time coming for that list to materialize
  7. Has there been any confirmation that money from this so-called charity has actually been received by any of the intended single mothers. Names and how much has been disbursed? Where could anyone find this information out?
  8. It's an interesting book and looks like it's been pressed at least a few times. The back cover staples appear to have some very slight tears and the bottom right front corner has a small chip out. Wonder if those defects have always been there? Any photos of this book before it was re-holdered?