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  1. That's a very pretty looking #8! And also the first Ditko Spidey book I ever purchased. Love that yellow cover
  2. Yeah, but don't plan to press it, as I think it matches nicely with #5...
  3. Thank you John! There are several non-color breaking bends/indents on the front and back cover that give me the feeling it's not been pressed yet. I think a CPR could push the grade upward
  4. Thanks for the responses! Looking for a CGC 7.0 or 7.5 only at this time. And with WHITE pages. Thanks again everyone
  5. Another one of my favorite Bronze covers Sorry for the bright glare, my scanner does a poor job with the newer slabs...
  6. You have to stand in awe at some of the stuff they've tried to pull off. This forgery is mild in comparison to their many past transgressions! I will never forget the "professionally authenticated" Ditko sharpie signature
  7. Congrats Sweet Lou!! What better way to finish it off then with a gorgeous white pager!
  8. Great observations! What immediately stuck out to me were the giant loops on the "O's"! Horrible attempt of an obvious forgery. PGX should be ashamed of itself Well if they had an ounce of credibility, they would be...
  9. The Romita sig really has me scratching my head More fraudulent activity from your friendly neighborhood competitor?
  10. Amazing Spider-Man 30 CGC 8.5 WHITE pages $225 #30 CGC 8.5