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  1. That sure is a gorgeous 8.0 issue SECollector! Colors are really popping and just overall beautiful eye appeal! What a classic Romita cover!
  2. Beautiful Spidey! Love the colors on that #50! Congrats on your submissions!
  3. So it looks to confirm both Hydro-Man and Molten Man are the next Spidey villains in this movie. "There is something so exciting about villains like Hydro-Man and Molten Man. That opens up such amazing visual possibilities and pose such dangerous challenges for Spider-Man that I wanted to try and find a way to re-imagine those characters that would be fun to watch and make for an interesting story.”
  4. Happened to come upon this interesting video about PGX's checkered history. Looks like Daniel may have moved the PGX headquarters from the garage to the living room now. I had known about many of their past fraudulent activities, but hadn't heard the stories of cats being shooed off your soon to be graded PGX books, and cat urine sprayed on shipping materials, while littered about the room (they start talking about it around the 48 minute mark). Probably won't find too many White page copies coming out of their headquarters Here's a link to the video if anyone's interested
  5. Thank you! I'm with you on that, giving yourself a whole grade range adds flexibility and more options with the books! And it's still a fun challenge
  6. Gorgeous books everyone and continuing to enjoy this thread! Had the nice fortune to pick up a Spidey #23 that just arrived. I've always loved this Goblin cover and feel it's right up there with Ditko's best work! Also trying to add some more symmetry to the Spidey collection:
  7. I like it as well! And a great Romita cover!
  8. Forget about 361, if you're looking for a great Spidey investment book with lots more growth, try 238. The Hobgoblin is bound to explode soon!
  9. Beautiful series of books! Congrats and best of luck on the rest of your run
  10. You've got all the 1st's covered! And love the symmetry
  11. Thanks! I do love the Annual #1 Purchased it and along with some others from Brad (Red Hook) several years back when he was selling off his Green River collection. Fortunately he kept all those cool certs with the books. I'm almost certain he is the one who purchased it directly from Shin back then too. Btw, did you keep those great Green River Thors?
  12. And here's a Rocky Mountain Spidey I picked up a little while back:
  13. Those are some sweet books october! The colors are so bright and vibrant! And love those covers too