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  1. With a "private sale", how do we actually know if this Action #1 sold for the price quoted? Interesting it would sell for $50K more than the last record price. Is it a legitimate sale or possible market manipulation by savvy comic dealers with the book never even changing hands? Fairly new to GA so wondering if this would be a practice performed in some circles?
  2. That bottom edge looks like it's been sliced and diced. Is Ewert still around
  3. Yikes! Is it just me, or does that bottom edge look unevenly trimmed?! The buyer may be in for a shocking surprise
  4. Beautiful books chromium! Really admire your collection! Here are a few more from my white page collection and I seem to recall paying record GPA prices at the time for nearly every one of them...
  5. Perfect centering and spine wrap on that beauty!!
  6. Thanks Dan! I was super elated when I finally located this copy after many years of searching. I paid a steep price for it at the time (probably GPA record), but it's a keeper that won't leave my collection any time soon, even with the crazy prices going around nowadays!
  7. I found it extremely tough to locate Spidey #1 with White pages and no chipping
  8. VF prices have definitely been climbing at a rapid pace! Use to own this Bowling #25 back in the day. Now have another copy in its place...
  9. Very cool and interesting arrival date! You can tell this is a Greenie from the obvious date stamp too
  10. Although I do love seeing the value of my collection continue to skyrocket, I understand the feeling! I've been looking to upgrade a few of my early Spidey's but that just won't be happening in the near future!
  11. Have to imagine at some point there will be an adjustment. No idea when that time will be though, doesn't appear anytime soon