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  1. Which medium fades more quickly? pencil-only art or inked art? Everything from my collection is from 2010, onward, so I imagine most of the artists were using archival quality inks and materials, but I'm not sure their life-expectancy. How quickly have some of your pieces faded when exposed to minimal light, and once they start, does the fading get exponentially worse despite whatever you do?
  2. Not a "big boy" collector, but awesome discussion idea. For those earlier collectors, what went in to your decision-making for those high valued pieces? Were you collecting based on popular artists/titles/characters/stories? Albeit strategies should change with the times, but it would be interesting to see any trends in what ends up becoming valuable decades later. Could be useful in driving/focusing our current/future purchases. With the surge in social media platforms, I've been basing some of my purchases on things that I've enjoyed and that I've seen other people rave about or that have ma
  3. Won this Astonishing X-Men #51 splash page from the Comiclink summer auction last week.
  4. Does anyone use dessicant bags when storing art?
  5. I've made these thick black foam board coverings that block out most of the light, if not all. There might be a tiny bit of refracted light getting in from somewhere, but not much. The top images, frames were too big so I didn't have a chance yet to make side closures like the bottom image, so those would be the ones to get minimal light if any. Is that enough protection or should I go ahead and add those sides in?
  6. Thanks for the advice! I'll be getting those microchamber papers for sure, so thanks for providing the links! They will only be in their current frames for about a year until I get them replaced with actual archival quality framing. They are sealed with tape over the flaps in their mylar bags. I was just afraid the adhesive from the tape or other materials from the other contacting surfaces would leak in and start destroying the piece within that year before replacing the frames with a more permanent setting.
  7. When storing art in mylar bags, should we still exercise extreme caution with storing them in non acid-free environments like mounting boards if framed, etc? I don't know how much 'protection' the mylar bags are actually providing. Currently I have my art in 2mm bcw mylar sleeves, no artboard backing, but then the mylar bags are tape-mounted to paper or boards and mats that might not be acid-free. I do cover up the frames during they day when I am not at home just to protect against UV damage, but none of them are in direct sunlight anyways. All of the pages are modern, so they're still in pr
  8. So far some awesome ideas, thanks for sharing! Definitely inspires me to branch out my searches, so excited to see what I can find. Makes sense not to stay too strictly with a theme, but I find that it helps me feel less guilty with my purchases. One theme that I have been interested in are pages that reflect socially or politically controversial topics of the time. Mostly just modern but eventually hoping to dig a little deeper into the past. Anyone do something similar to this? What are some of your prize pieces?
  9. That's actually a really cool idea, collecting zeitgeist pages. I might also try looking for some Vietnam war-reflective work. My family were Vietnam war refugees, so it would be meaningful to acquire a related piece. Do you have any recommendations on series or artists? Are there any mainstream publishing houses that incorporated elements from the Vietnam war?
  10. Curious to see what drives some of your OA collection decisions. Maybe this can spark some ideas for new collections.
  11. Thanks for all the helpful responses! I've made a few purchases recently of important pages from storylines that I've been following. All of them are from dealers and representatives that people recommended here or that the artists referred me to. Only one pencil which pretty closely matches the published page. I couldn't tell if it was a recreation or not. The only weird thing I noticed was that the actual working dimensions are slightly less than 11x17 and the Marvel blue ink insignia was printed on a Dark Horse board. The artist has worked for Dark horse, though, so I figured that might not
  12. Hi all, I am just now getting into the world of OA collecting and wanted to know what are some of the strategies you all use to detect potential counterfeits or duplicates. There are a few good threads that already have some tips, but there are some points that I haven't really been able to find an answer to. 1. Do most modern comic OA come on bristol board with the blue ink publisher insignias or is it also common for the artists to work on blank pages? How common is this when the penciler and inker are different artists? 2. Do most modern comic OA with a different penciler and