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  1. Hi, I'm looking to purchase a lower grade copy of USA Comics 7 (Poor-Fair, Cover Must Be Present, Can Be Restored) and Incredible Hulk 1 & 2 (Poor-Good, Can Be Restored). Thanks and I look forward to seeing what you may have! Joey
  2. I just sent you a PM. I'd definitely be interested. Thanks for the response!
  3. Hi! I’m looking to purchase a raw copy of Giant Size X-Men #1 in the Poor-Good range (Preferably Fair or Fair/Good). If you happen to have a copy or know someone who’s selling one, feel free to message me or comment below. I’ve been looking to add a copy to my collection for quite some time to go alongside my 94 and 101. Thanks for the help! Joey
  4. Alright, thanks for all the help! I looked through Comic Book Plus and was able to find the missing pages, which ended up being from Witchcraft 1’s “This Ship is Wrecked” and “Demon’s Bargain” story. Now all we’ve gotta figure out is what to do with it...
  5. Over the Summer I've been helping out at an LCS (Bigfoot Comics) and several great golden age collections have came in (early Sub-Mariner comics, All Winners, early DC, etc.). This book just recently came in, a copy of Secret Diary of Eerie Adventures, a super rare book with a great cover. The seller let us know that it was missing 8 pages. I've come to the boards to see if you guys happen to know where I could find scans of the original pages just so I could pinpoint which pages are specifically missing (and maybe print out some facsimile pages). Also, if you happen to have a complete copy, w
  6. Alright, thanks for the advice. I contacted the seller of the covers and they ended up giving me a wealth of information pertaining to the subject, so I should hopefully be good.
  7. Sorry if this topic has been discussed before, but I was unable to find any information on how one would go about actually attaching a repro cover to a coverless comic. I've had coverless copies of Incredible Hulk 2 and Silver Surfer 1 for awhile, and I decided to buy some reproduction covers for them since both books have pretty iconic covers. Do you guys happen to have any advice on actually attaching these books to the coverless copies? For the Hulk 2, I thought that I could remove the staples and attach the cover with the original staples. But, since the Silver Surfer 1 is a different form
  8. Hi! I’m looking to buy a lower grade (fine-ish) copy of Invincible #1. I’ve recently gotten into this series, and I already own a couple copies of the Larry’s variant. PM me if you’re looking to sell a copy, and maybe we can negotiate a deal . Thanks a lot!
  9. Since there hasn’t been much interest in the comics, I’ve decided to bring down the price to $165.
  10. Hey! Sorry for getting back to you so late. I’ve provided images so that you can determine grade for yourself. My grading skills are nil to none, so I’ve tried to provide as many images of the covers as possible. If you’d like additional images just message me.
  11. Yeah, the light seemed to reflect off of them when I took the pictures straight on. But, I guess it does look kinda cool when you put all the pictures like that back to back... Stairway To X-Men it certainly is.
  12. Here are the books being offered. Issues being sold are Uncanny X-Men 144, 146, 149-154, 156, 174, 198, 202-205, 208-209, 214-219, 223-224, 226, 228-232, 235-239, 247, 249, 251-254, & 281 in Fine to Near Mint condition. I am only looking to sell these books as a lot, and I am looking to sell the 43 issues for $175 $165.
  13. I recently made a purchase consisting of a bunch of X-Men issues, so I decided I would try selling them here on the boards before taking them to eBay. If you would like to see my eBay feedback, here is the link. Below are the rules pertaining to this listing. Payment - All purchases will be made through PayPal goods and services with no exceptions. Shipping - FREE Buying - First in this thread wins the books, trumping all ongoing PMs Exclusions - Anyone on the “bad lists” is excluded from purchasing any books Returns - Returns are not accepted unless books are damaged