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  1. The stock on most comic books from the 1960’s are covers with coated gloss text and the guts (inside pages) newsprint. Coated stock absorbs less water than newsprint. Over a period of time the cover and text expands and retracts depending on moisture in the given area. Eventually the cover or text hangs over and thus gives the appearance that the comic pages were married/restored. Only a pro with a magnifying loop can determine that they are the originally bind pages. That book has what’s known as marvel chipping. The correct technical term is that the saddle stitch machine had a dull blade. Most of the comics from that period were saddle stitch and trim inline off a web press.
  2. Here are the correct numbers of postal mailing for captain America it was 243,798 taken from 1969 postal ‘it’s likely that 600,000 were printed of which possibly 40.5 percent were subscribers. Educational guess is that 243,798 have white variant 356,202 with yellow assuming that plate change took place after the mailing Again it’s only a guess, you can arrive on your own conclusions.
  3. It’s likely that the pressman was printing the cover when someone notice that the yellow was missing. They then stopped the press, made a new plate and printed with the correct color break-up. The only question that comes to mind is how much was printed of the error variant? It looks like 2 out of every 5 are white variant. Judging by the number of correct copies to error white ones on the internet. If marvel had 40% subscription print run of out of 800,000 printed that will give us 320,000. Educational guess from information previously posted on these boards. Strangely 2/5 leaves us exactly 320,000 of white variant books. If you work in printing for a living you will know that the mailing list must get out first, that’s the bread and butter of the company. Conclusion: just a guess from printing experience 320,000 were printed quickly to get the mailing out 480,000 were printed with correct color plate Again guess of fussy math, you can arrive at your own conclusion