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  1. Was just rereading Action Comics #600 and came across this awesome pin-up by Walt Simonson. Has anyone ever seen it in person...?
  2. I may get flack for this but I think Mignola and Sakai have improved gradually but significantly over the years. I really enjoy the strength of storytelling, page composition and subtlety in their recent work. They both have always been great but I think they are just so so much better now than they were 20 years ago...
  3. Title says it all. Will consider anything but I'm hoping for one with colors... Please let me know if you have one you are willing to part with.
  4. That Alpha Flight poster art is the beans. Anyone know the price?
  5. This is me. I'm now hiding purchases from my spouse. Assume divorce is the next phase...
  6. Albert just uploaded a heluvalot of new Timm pieces. Mostly head shots...
  7. Thanks but I doubt I can meet your price (since its a cover). I'm also partial to panel pages.
  8. Just to chime in, I've had excellent experiences with Kwan, Albert, Felix and the guy from Cadence (don't remember his name). Haven't purchased that much online tbh though.
  9. Ron Frenz ASM pages for me. I rarely see them for sale.