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  1. Just to go a little deeper on this, what if one puts up for auction a recently received commission that's underwhelming... Is that a "flip"? Or is it necessary to hold it for a year...? Again, asking for a friend...
  2. How long does one need to keep a newly acquired piece before relisting it at a higher price for it not to be a "flip"? Asking for a friend...
  3. Please, do the more experienced collectors here think this ASM page on eBay is fake? I was about to submit an offer pretty close to the ask but just this morning decided to compare it to the published page. There are some details that don't quite match up... (BC's hair, windows of the background buildings, Spidey's feet, random inked lines, etc.) Also, when I look at Frenz ASM pages of CAF and those sold on Heritage, they all have word balloons attached (no mention of overlays). Finally, it isn't signed by any of the artists and doesn't have the Marvel stamp on the back... Could it be a redraw
  4. I like Matt Baker. A lot. (No idea on valuations of either.)
  5. Those Perez Avengers pages were snapped up quickly. All one buyer...?
  6. Just noticed two nice, but somewhat busy, published covers were recently added to Paul's online shop. One has been inked. (I hate to sound like a shill but I check his site weekly for updates.) My sense is he has raised his overall pricing (slightly) this year...
  7. Just noticed some new pencil pages added to Paul's online shop.
  8. Awesome cover. Pretty sure it is out of my price range...
  9. Title says it all. Would like to add a page to my small collection. Please PM me. Thanks!
  10. Mignola for me. I now find him absolutely brilliant.