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  1. Links to actual examples of A-lvl panel pages whenever possible would be great and fun to well as helpful for a noob like myself.
  2. Does is matter that Capullo himself prices his better Batman panel pages in the next (higher) bracket? Was just perusing his site...
  3. Thanks! I assumed they were hard to come by. I'd pass on the first you reference but the second and third ARE great pages. I will check in with Heritage regularly.
  4. Title says it all. PM me. Please. (Yes, I know it is a pipe dream...)
  5. Have used it once (for a purchase from Kirby's Art). Went smoothly.
  6. This exact thing happened to me on a page listed on eBay. It was so obvious and soured me to the page and seller I choose not to bid when it was relisted. I guess it wasn't something I really wanted but also there just seems to be so much art out there.