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  1. Completely agree. I found myself in the same situation several times last year.
  2. Just read through this short thread and and as a new collector find this to be a very interesting topic. Also, I just passed on a pricey (for me) cover by a modern artist when it was explained to me it was composed digitally and then inked, by the artist, over his printout. Instinctively I found it less compelling (hard to explain why). Just curious if any of you more experienced collectors have found "recreations" (likely of covers/pin-ups) more common due to the increasing use of digital pencils?
  3. Fun read. What year is that from? 1987?
  4. From ComicLink, Sept. 2019. (Got the date wrong. Auction ended at $5400.)
  5. Wild. I swear in late 2018 I passed on a HB cover for $5k...(Thought it was just too much.)
  6. Many thanks. I just saw that same cover listed on an upcoming Heritage auction. Regardless, I guess $10k is ballpark for a Mignola HB cover...which is just out of reach for me.
  7. Many thanks. I guess I was hoping to find one for less than $11k...
  8. Title says it all. Please PM me if you have a Hellboy cover you are ready to sell (or even if you are just on the fence). Thanks!
  9. My experiences with Guernica match yours. I was incredibly moved by it when I first saw it. Knew next to nothing about the Spanish Civil War and wasn't aware of the connection.
  10. Bought a few pieces from him. Has been great to deal with.
  11. Mignola Hellboy (especially covers)>BPRD, etc. come immediately to mind....