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  1. Thanks for posting. The bends do look a bit severe as they break ink. I would honestly resend for pressing/cleaning/regrading-you should get at least a 9.4, with a good chance at a 9.6. I have seen plenty of 9.8's that I didn't think deserved it.
  2. Can you post a pic of the bends on the spine? I don’t know if two bends is enough to go all the way down to a 9.2.
  3. Unfortunately, this means that the price ceiling as a collector's item will never be very high. It sold almost 2 million copies during it's initial release.
  4. Dude, send in the 9.4 to CGC for a pressing and cleaning and you will end up with two 9.8's. LOL.
  5. I read in another forum that the amount of Spawn #1's subbed were insane. This is what prompted Todd to make that video about not having it signed.
  6. I saw all the videos but don't recall him specifically mishandling them. Does anyone have a link? Now I'm nervous.
  7. I thought I had read in the thread that b/c of the delay with TM gettting sick that the pressings were done prior to him arriving in Florida to sign, instead of after.
  8. Mine were received on 12/11 (delivery of 12/9 by USPS) and grades were posted this morning.
  9. I don't understand....SM Annual 1 Expo is a Clayton Crain cover art. What makes people think a TM sig will bump up the price dramatically?
  10. Anyone know when was the last time CGC held a private signing with The Toddfather prior to this one? Or how often these happen?
  11. For what particular issues? It looks like there is going to be a surge for Todd CGC SS in the upcoming days-only those highly sought after comics will get top dollar.
  12. Same for me. I got several blue label 9.8s that I want The Toddfather to sign. Since they are already 9.8’s, should I expect the same grade in return since the only people handling them is CGC?
  13. With a cleaning and pressing 7.5, maybe 8.0. Do yourself a favor and have it cleaned and pressed. Sweet copy with lots of potential.
  14. 3.0. Maybe a 3.5 with a cleaning and pressing.