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  1. Never have any problem with the custom. Where joeypost is from? Any website?
  2. I asked on the forum and got the same answer, of course. I also just made a suggestion
  3. Thanks for the fast reply, Jennifer. CGC should try to work a deal with Fedex for ground shipping. It would be less expensive for customers from Canada. The return shiping fees doubled in less than one year. With International Economy, I received my comics in two days. This is great when I submit valuable comics like Silver age and Bronze Age. However, the value of some Copper Age is not that high if they are below 9.6. It would be great if Canadians had a less expensive shipping solution. You are a great grading company, but I will do business with you on a less regular basis because of the shipping fees. Should I write officially to your customers service for submitting this suggestion?
  4. Would you please confirm that the shipping cost to return the books from CGC to Canada are the same as in Europe or Australia? There is no mistake in the table below? Thanks for your time,
  5. After taking a second look at the price. I wondered if there was a mistake since the shipping cost to return the books to Canada is the same as in Europe and Australia. But since you were charged $180 for 25 books...
  6. Damn this is the second raise in a short time. I started a thread about the first increase After submitting some comics in June I noticed that the return fees were more expensive than before. CGC sent me this email. The shipping rates to updated Canada are as follows: 1-10 books, $90.00 11-20 books $105.00 21-25 books $120.00
  7. I know not a lower grade copy. Also tape interior page Thanks for your insight
  8. Production flaw or a defect? Look at top left near the Spidey logo and also near the bottom staple. Thanks.
  9. Well, CGC just graded it and gave it a 6.0 with white pages.