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  1. Unfortunately, no I sent a reminder on September 21th. I received this reply the same day :
  2. Thanks in advance for your time.
  3. Unfortunately, yes. I will send a reminder.
  4. Page 234 of the 2016 edition. They don't write this comment about minor amateur repair in the grades above 5.0. So I assumed that 4.5 is the maximum grade for a comic that shows this kind of default.
  5. According to the Overstreet Grading Guide, a comic with minor amateur repair is a 4.5 grade. I recently sent a nice copy of ASM #98 to CGC for grading. The grader notes specified the following : " Restoration includes: small amount of color touch on cover. " And I got a 4.5
  6. Well, I bought a MTU #19 that was graded by Metro as a 9.2, and as a 9.4 by CGC! Most of the other comics I bought were overgraded by Metro, though. I agree with many others that the most reliable grades are provided by MyComicShop.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to reply. In fact, many pages have creases? Can all pages be corrected or just the back and front covers You can see pictures here
  8. Pangolin

    CCS Pressing

    Can Marvel Graphic Novels be pressed by CGC? I want to remove a medium crease on the back cover and some interior pages. Thanks
  9. I have this nice copy of Marvel Graphic Novel #18. The black cover has almost no color break creases. Unfortunately, there is a medium crease on the back cover. And this crease is on each page of the book. The default probably occured because of an impact and was probably there when I bought this book in 1985. My question is : Which grade could this book have since a crease is on almost each page? Around VF? Arounf F? Thanks in advance for your insight.
  10. Can Marvel Graphic Novels be pressed? I want to remove a medium crease on the back cover that doesn't break color. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the detailed answer.
  12. How much for grading a modern Marvel Graphic Novels? Are they treated as comics or magazines?