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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I voluntarily overestimated a bit my grade. I want to check if my grade will influence your own opinion. I thank you for your thoroughness I put this comic on eBay before I posted my message here. In my listing, I graded as a 5.5. Sorry for the typo in my initial post.
  2. How come nobody has mentionned the Slug, yet?
  3. I am from Quebec City. From my experience, When the point of entry in Canada is Toronto, I paid only GST. When the point of entry in Canada is Montreal, I paid GST + QST. On some purchases, I didn’t pay any tax even if the order was over $ 100.
  4. I found this comic really beautiful. Unfortunately the bottom left corner has a major defects. Does a score of 6.5 or 7 too high? Thanks for your time,
  5. I will only send three comics : ASM #300, Spawn #1 and ... Hulk 345! Why this issue of Hulk? It's the last and complete McFarlane issue (Hulk). But most of all, it is one it is my most favorite comics of all time The last panels are memorable! Thirty years later, I am still shivering... The leader detonates the bomb prematurely and then : BOOM!!
  6. Sorry to show so graphically my lusty side Worst : Best:
  7. Do'h! My favorite Ditko cover...
  8. I recently bought a Premium Membership. I am in the process to send my first submission. to CGC. I choose Fedex as the returns method since I am from Canada. However, the ground shipping insurance value is $100 max per package. What are my options if I send for $1000 of comic books value? I have no problem to buy a $1000 Insurance to send the comics to CGC, but what about the insurance to return the comics to me? Anyone else from Canada with a suggestion? Thanks
  9. One of the best one of this topic, but it came from a Spidey Super Stories! So does it really count?
  10. Not ridiculous, but funny! From Silver Surfer #14 (1970) Here goes, my 9.8 grade. Thanks, dad!
  11. Its been in my collection since 1983! One of the first "used" english comics that I bought from someone else (7$ CA). Thanks for your comments. I want to sell it, but I will proably pay to get it clean & press. The front cover has waviness and the back cover is dirty.
  12. It is a possibility or close too, they are less white than most of my other comics. I decide that I send it to be press and clean.
  13. What is the highest grade you go on this one? Thanks for yout time.