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  1. I hope so since I also have 25 books slow value tier marked rec'd at cgc 12-10-20; went to scheduled for grading on 3-4-21. I expected by end of April but who knows since the TAT went up again.
  2. Approximately 2 weeks has been my experience
  3. I suspect its because of the "Heavy" creasing to cover but I don't see any difference with those with Moderate heavy creasing to covermoderate staining to coververy small chip out top of front cover
  4. please grade my lower grade Avengers 48. Sadly, the Black Knight must have fought with "water man" at the bottom and lost
  5. please grade my Fantastic Four #94. thanks.
  6. Please grade my Love problems and Advice Illustrated #14. thanks in advance
  7. Thanks, I am really glad to do it. I really appreciate this forum section. The great people here have taught me a lot.
  8. Yes, this one surprised me. No insight from grading notes. It is one I didn't get P&C I regretted it once I saw the grade. Thanks.