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  1. Please grade my Millie The Model 86 with off white/white pages. thanks.
  2. Please grade my Hedy of Hollywood 39 with off white/white pages. thanks.
  3. Please grade my Willie #14. The back cover has an issue on the bottom where something/someone rubbed off/ate off/damaged the corner and it goes through the pages. It is a shame since otherwise an ok book. Book has white/off-white pages. All help in understanding the grade and the major defect is appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  4. Please grade my solid Dr. Strange 170. Thanks again.
  5. Please grade my solid Amazing Spider-Man 36. Thanks again.
  6. Please grade my low grade Journey Into Mystery Annual 1. I am curious how bad of hit it takes with the piece out on top left of the cover. Thanks everyone. P.S. I really appreciate all of your feedback/opinions on how various defects effect a book's grade. I have learned a lot reading through the posts in this board.
  7. @Angsta Congrats on the 9.4. Just curious did you press/clean before sending?
  8. Please Grade My Little Lizzie #3. An ok early Marvel "funny book". Has White/Off White pages. Thanks everyone.
  9. Please Grade My Tessie The Typist 21. Has White/Off White pages. Thanks everyone.
  10. Please grade my Strange Tales 169. Unfortunately someone decided to write (a price?) on the cover in a grease pencil. I am unsure how bad this hurts the grade. It also has a couple of tears to top of back cover. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Thanks so much. I really appreciate the help.
  12. thanks everyone @Funnybooks @Galen130 and others, I really appreciate your grade feedback. I do have a question about staple rust on a book for my understanding, if you or other boardies don't mind. I did a blow up of the staple for this book (below) and I didn't really notice rusting on the top of the staple (maybe I can't see well enough). I initially thought the darkness under the staple was "dirt". Is what I thought was "dirt" really rust or residue? Please know, I am not questioning your/others expertise in grading. I am only trying to see if it might be the picture or if it is my lack of understanding of how rusting of a staple shows up on a book (likely the later but would like to make sure in case I see it again). I appreciate your and anyones helping me understand better. I really appreciate your help. Thanks.
  13. Please grade my Ghost Rider #1. Thanks everyone.