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  1. I just noticed this book on ebay signed eleven times by Stan Lee! It's a good study of his signature which varied. Sometimes the S was different, sometimes the N is so crowded you can't see it. Once in a while he took the tag on the last E and sent it downward at an angle rather than underlining his name. Other times the tag line goes through the letters or there's no tag at all. Since they are so different the safe way to buy his signature is to get a CGC SS in my opinion. The ebay seller for this book is asking $50,000!
  2. Hello, I ended up buying one of these from the ebay seller. When I got it I was worried and sent it back for a refund. The seller quickly refunded my money but in an email he assured me these are genuine. He even sent me his photo of Stan signing about ten of these Civil War Chronicles issues. In the photo one of the books on the table matches 35920 above.showing about a third of the signature, the tail in the exact same spot. I've looked at a few hundred Stan Lee signatures on ebay and his usual signature had the tail of the last E making a straight line under TANLEE. But occasiona
  3. Thanks all for your replies. I sent an email to the seller asking where/when they got these. I haven't heard back yet. I imagine a lot of these are legit with Stan's COA and sticker. But to be sure I'm gonna spend more and buy the CGC SS ones. There are MANY MANY FAKE sports and celebrity autographs on ebay, some showing COAs from nobody's. I'm glad there are reputable authenticity companies like JSA or PSA. I read Stan's autograph costs more now that he's passed. Who knows what his autograph will be worth in the future. I had a friend who collected Roy Rogers memorabilia. Th
  4. Hello all, This is my first post. I mostly collect USA coins and silver bullion. I understand slabs since some of my coins are in NGC. I know very little about comics but I want to buy some Stan Lee signed comics for myself and step-sons. I want to avoid fakes. I'll likely buy CGC slabs with Stan Lee to be confident they are genuine. I know Stan Lee had used his own COA card with hologram stickers. I read on another blog a collector could buy Stan's COA/stickers at a signing but only if they had a comic signed by Stan Lee at the time. On ebay a seller has Stan Lee signed comic