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  1. I’m looking for this book: TMNT: The Last Ronin #1 Aaron Bartling Metal Variant IDW/ Linebreakers CGC 9.8 or better Unfortunately I missed one from the UK last night. I guess I’m not the only one looking right now … Besides some money I thought I might send some German beer as well to make my request more attractive. Unfortunately it seems illegal to send alcohol to and within the US using the post office. Anyways, if you have one to spare, I’d happy to hear from you.
  2. Finally it arrived. My favorite variant of “The Last Ronin” by Mason with Eastman’s “default” remark.
  3. Dark Knights: Death Metal #1 Batman sketch by cover artist JeeHyung Lee.
  4. They seem to grade these mini comics as well, that come with video games. The picture is by @CHASEnBLUE taken from this thread: So I think, you‘re probably fine.
  5. Thanks everybody for your estimates. Much appreciated. I’ll let you know in a couple of months, what the final grade is including some pictures.
  6. Hm, it’s really hard to tell for me. It doesn’t feel differently but it does look like a scuff though. Maybe this close up is helpful?
  7. Thanks a lot for all your answers. Everyone raised interesting points with good reasoning. This is super helpful (hopefully not only for me). I didn’t add pictures or more details about the book that raised this question. I wanted a more general discussion. Which worked quite good. Thanks for that too. In this particular case though I’m going with the 9.0 because the overall appearance of the book is way better than the 9.4 and the price is closer to the GoCollect estimate.
  8. Wundergirl #30 It’s a very early German edition of Wonder Woman. As I’m still learning and estimated too high with the last book, let’s try it again. I hope for
  9. Thanks everybody for contributing. 6-6.5 seems to be the consent here. If I can’t find a better copy, I’ll let you know the result with pictures of the slab in a couple of months.
  10. This time I have the book in hand already. Makes it easier to provide good pictures. Wundergirl #1, 1981 It’s again issue #1, but this time from the year 1981. The German series restarted from 1 with every new year. It also took some years before Wonder Woman was actually named Wonder Woman in Germany. In the beginning she was strangely called “Wundergirl” (a mixture of German and Englisch which simply translates to “Wonder Girl”). This is what I’m hoping for:
  11. For the first time I’m looking for an older book - a classic Wonder Woman from the 70ies. Now I found two offers and I’m not sure which one to pick. They are both in the same price range - only about 40 USD difference. The first one is: CGC 9.4 white to off-white pages The other one is: CGC 9.0 white pages Now I’m not sure which book to go for. Are there any hard or soft reasons why to choose one over the other? I tend to grab the one with white pages, but I don’t know why. The scans of both books look very similar.
  12. Thank you all so much for your opinions, details and ratings. Actually I wanted to present you the graded book in a couple of months. Unfortunately I didn’t get it. After lots of negotiations with the seller and als noting that their estimation might be a bit “too good”, we agreed on an okayish price. I send an offer. They let the auction end without taking it. Afterwards they said “Just send the money.” No automatic purchase contract or eBay protection anymore, yeah right. I asked what the problem is. The reply was a very unfriendly listing of the transaction fees and ensuring me, that I
  13. I have an offer for this book. And as it’s quite high, I want to check back with you guys. The book is Wundergirl #1, which is the German version of Wonder Woman 212. These pictures are all I got. The seller is unwilling to send more, but is happily arguing why he can’t do so. Seems to be a normal behavior with German sellers, I learned through a couple of requests in the last weeks. However, I hope it’s still enough to estimate a grade though. The seller’s estimate is … Thanks a lot for your help.
  14. @xvipah, thanks for your response. I’ll keep it in mind and let you know.
  15. I’m looking for these book: Power Girl #27 Warren Louw Cover CGC 9.8, signed if possible Justice Society of America #8 (2007) Alex Ross Cover CGC 9.8 Justice Society of America #9 (2007) Alex Ross Cover CGC 9.8, signed if possible PayPal is available. I’m from Germany. So hopefully international shipping is not aproblem, if you’ve got a copy to spare.