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  1. looking for some golden age all star comics for a friend, raw is preferred. low to mid grade
  2. get some sick carnage books for 150$ Paypal/Zelle (PM me for checks and money orders) Spiderman 361 (1st print) + Web of Carnage pt 2 + Spiderman unlimited 1
  3. hey there, I'm looking for a Betty and Veronica 261. any grade, slabbed or raw.
  4. looking for a batman 33 mid grade or lower. raw or graded
  5. looking for a first print rick and Morty 1 graded or raw. willing to pay a fair price
  6. As the title says I'm looking for golden age DC christmas related covers (tec,batman,sensation,cavalcade,etc). looking for mid to low grades, preferably raw but graded is ok. Sorry for the super specific request
  7. Hey there, I'm looking for some raw golden age tecs. Some issues I'm especially looking for is 128, 156, and 180-199.