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  1. It's definitely of its time. Malls were always packed in the 80s, just people everywhere, so as a marketing scheme, it was probably a reasonably good idea in terms of reaching a wider audience. Tim Burton's Batman wouldn't be released until the next year, ushering in a new era of comic book popularity, but at this point, we had just had Superman IV: The Quest for Peace in 1987, so the general public wasn't exactly clamoring for comic content. Malls provided a reliable captive audience that varied widely in age and other demographics, so as a co-op promotion that could pull both the mall audience and potentially what there was of the comic crowd, it's not the worst idea ever. I doubt you would see it today given the death of shopping malls.
  2. Funnily, I entirely misread the previous posts and hadn't realized that these were unaccounted for previously. Makes it far more exciting for me, which is great since I've been inside and bored for months. It's also a little sad since I'm a professional copyeditor and proofreader.
  3. Excited to find this thread as I had been wondering about these mall variants. I've got these two in my collection from a trip I took to the mall when I was a kid. Thanks for all the info here. Nice to have some actual background on these. Just to add a little background of my own, what I remember about these is that they were literally just sitting on a table in the mall for the taking, like a flyer (thus why I snatched up two...wish I had been greedier at the time).
  4. That's fair. Appreciate the breakdown as I'm still cataloging my collection and choosing what to grade/what to have pressed/what to re-read/what to burn for warmth, so thank you!
  5. It may well be. Still cutting my teeth here in many respects, but the defects seemed less severe to me than the penalties assessed. Again, that's probably the response of the majority who have gotten a grade lower than they'd have liked though.
  6. The three items posted above. I'll have to take another look when it gets back, but they didn't stand out to me as particularly glaring when I submitted. That being said, I obviously want it to be higher, so I may not be the best judge.
  7. This one came back as a 9, by which I'm pleasantly surprised. I agreed more with the 8.5 assessments, but I'm not gonna argue the point now. Thanks again for all the input and assistance as I get a better idea of what to grade, what to press, etc.
  8. So, this one I'm not thrilled with, as it came back as an 8. I think they were rougher on it gradewise than the defects warranted, but of course I do. At least it's a classic cover from a classic run, and I'm in no rush to sell.
  9. This one came back at a 9.0. I admit I was hoping for a little higher, but seems pretty on target with everyone's estimates, so thanks.
  10. Just got the grade, but haven't received the book back yet (thus the lack of image), but it came in right on target at a 9.6. Thanks for the input!
  11. Think the images tell the tale. Thanks for any estimates/advice.
  12. Part not bad and part mess. Appreciate any advice and/or estimates. Thanks!
  13. Curious to see how this relatively recent key holds up to scrutiny. Thanks for any estimates/advice.
  14. Think everything is pretty evident from the images. Thanks!
  15. Curious as to how this well-read copy fares. Thanks for any estimates.