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  1. Hi, this is just a suggestion but I was wondering if a "Private Signing" forum can be created that will have all the update, delays and news on CGC private signings. I just got notification that the comic I submitted for the Kubert/Percy signing is scheduled for grading but I didnt even know that they had already shown up and did the signing? Also read on another site that Humberto Ramos did his signing already also? Again just a suggestion. Thanks!
  2. Hi Jennifer, just got the notification this evening that they are scheduled for grading. Thank you so much for everything you do
  3. Hi, I had submitted 15 comics to be graded and at the time I was not aware that due to 1 of them having a special label the submission would be split into 2 (which is fine). So the 15 comics were split into Submission 370554 and 370553. They were received on 10/30/20 and I already received by mail submission 370554 on 03/25/21 but nothing yet on Submission 370553? I found that odd because the comics were submitted at the same time and 1 has already been processed and the others haven't? I know about the delays and thats understandable but I just want to make sure that this is a norm since the
  4. Hi, just read how Fabok did his signing in Canada and I was wondering if the same will be done with the David Finch sketches? Thank you
  5. Hi Jennifer Thank you so much and have a great day!
  6. Good morning, just wanted to inquire because on the internet I keep reading how so many people got the Crain Remarque option (one collector even mentioned he ordered over 6 of the options?). I was able to get one and mailed the book in last week with the invoice but with so many saying they got that option (last count was 30+) will all those Remarques be honored or will CGC go by "first come first served"? Thank you P.S. - It could also be a lot of "exaggeration" on the part of the internet community but many of them seemed sincere?
  7. Hi, I just saw that 2 of the lots I sent in is under the "grading" status. At the time I sent them in the Dr. Doom and Thor labels were not available and there are 2 Dr. Doom #1 in lot #3733245 and I was wondering would it be possible to switch the labels from the Spiderman one to the new Dr. Doom ones for Order #3733245? as well as switch the Spiderman label to the new Thor labels on Order #3733244? Thank you!
  8. Thank you Jennifer for your quick response, once the books are logged into the system I will decide what to do. The books were shipped out around the beginning of January, is it safe to assume there is at least a month back-log on getting the books in the submission system? Thanks again
  9. Good afternoon, first I'll apologize for the long questions, a couple of weeks ago I shipped 15 books (all Strange Academy) for grading and $8 pressing. It was received per my USPS receipt but not in the system yet (I know you guys are behind). Found out that Humberto Ramos is now doing a signing, is it possible to pull some books from that shipment for his signing? also will that change the pressing fees as the reason I sent in 15 was to get the special $8 pressing rate but by removing the 4 books I want him to sign it reduces the number to under the 15 limit requirement? Thanks
  10. Good afternoon, went to submit a Wolverine Black White Blood comic for the Kubert signing but it did not give me the option to add the Wolverine label? only label that appeared was the Knull label. Have they been retired already? Thanks and have a great day!
  11. Hi, I made a submission but there were 4 Marvel Spiderman Books that the system did not allow for a Spiderman label to be added. It was a lot of 15 comics and I just received confirmation that they were received but 4 of them were given a separate submission number #3733244 and I'm thinking its the 4 that I was unable to add Marvel labels on. I did write on the invoice if Marvel Labels could be added as I was not allowed the option so I just wanted to know if it could be done or if there is a specific reason why those 4 comics could not receive a Marvel Label? Thank you for your time.
  12. OHMYGOODNESS Jennifer Thank you! that is awesome as I have to admit I wasnt sure how this would work out. Yes if possible I would love to add the Spiderman Label on the 3 Spiderman Books and the Hulk Label on the Maestro #1 book. Again thank you so much for putting this old mind of mine at ease and for your great customer service!