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  1. Miles Morales cover. Pretty limited book, so I'll consider most conditions in a 7.0ish or above. Thanks!
  2. Hello drmanhattanite, this is my first purchase from uncanny stash and I've followed several of his auctions. If there's a reason to avoid his auctions, I'll certainly do so. Do you care any insight on that? Thank you for the heads up.
  3. Well, that is helpful. I won the auction for this book last night. I imagine another potential buyer posted it prior to the auction closing. Thanks!
  4. As far as I know, this has not been cleaned and pressed, nor graded and slabbed in the past.
  5. Thank you for the perspective on the trim, Wipple and comicquant. I acquired this book under the pretense it was not restored. I'm having a pro inspect the book for restoration and I'm keeping my fingers crossed there isn't a trim or anything else. I still have the option to return it if it's concluded a restoration took place. But I'm really (maybe naively) hoping that isn't the case.
  6. Good looking JIM #83. Looking forward to hearing anyone's thoughts.
  7. Thanks to everyone for the thoughts on this book's grade! To answer these questions, all pages are present and it's just the corner of the first page the has the little shark bite taken out of it. Story should be complete. I've included a picture of the centerfold...not a beauty queen, but it's present.
  8. This AF15 looks like it got into a bar fight everyday since it's been published. It's probably obvious, but tape has been added. Cover still attached, and pages are not brittle. Thanks for your thoughts!