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  1. I know its not a expensive book to grade but I really like the story I sent it in with a 9.8 pre-screen and got this back is this still a 9.8
  2. sorry if this has been asked before i couldnt find anything on it but if i fast track and prescreen will rejects cost 5 or 14 per book
  3. i thought pre screens had to be in groups of 25 books did they change that
  4. does any know if we get charged for modern non prescreen when it goes to recieve or to grading mine went to recieve on 5/26 and i still havent been charged yet
  5. sorry if this has been asked before but this is my first time submitting comics if i picked prescreen and my books are now in scheduled for grading does that mean the books have already been screened and some have passed