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  1. I would not use this as a cover to marry to my comic, that would require trimming it and punching staple holes (it's also in much better condition than the rest of my book). It did pique my interest though. I couldn't get a good enough look on my mobile to notice the lack of staple holes and just how much white space it actually had, when I noticed that, I realized it wasn't going to fit my original need.
  2. This also has adverts inside. Any idea how someone could have originally obtained something like this? The post stated that this and another comic cover in a similar state were found in storage but the seller didn't seem interested in supplying any other details. Also, how does the rarity of something like this effect the value? $250 for just a cover is a little higher than I wanted to pay but, if it's legit, that might be within reason.
  3. So I've been on the hunt for an original cover for my cover-less ASM #129 and eBay alerted me to a listing this morning that has been now been removed. The item was listed as ASM 129 cover "unused". I messaged the seller to find out if it was a reproduction since it's not trimmed and has no staple holes and after a few emails he says "These are original covers Before binding". He also says that he will be relisting at a $250 buy it now price. I have never saw an original cover that wasn't trimmed to fit the book or not have staple holes. So has anyone here ever heard of such a thing because I'm very sceptical at this point. Sorry if this isn't the right place for this. Thanks!
  4. Does cover-less count? Side question, does anyone know a good place to look for an original cover to marry to this? I have posted a Want To Buy post here but I know its a long shot. Even cover-less, this is by far the best $0.04 I've ever spent!
  5. I know this is a long shot but I am looking for an Amazing Spider-Man #129 (First Punisher) cover only, I am open to any grade if the price is reasonable, raw and CGC . I recently bought a cover-less #129 and am looking to marry original front and back covers to it. Any info on where I may find one is very appreciated. Thanks!