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  1. Supposedly the Black Cat is hard to find, but that's the one I've seen more than any other.
  2. I have a copy of Strange Fantasy 9 and according to Overstreet, there are a few rebind variants featuring Harvey interiors. There are Black Cat, Boys Ranch, Horror and War interiors. I also saw a picture of a CGC slab stating it had a Davy Crockett interior. I have a copy with a sci-fi interior featuring the stories from this comic minus the first wrap which is a one pager. The book opens with Sandflower of Venus. Is this a known variation, or something new?
  3. A friend is paring down his collection and offered me first crack at his High Grade raw Marvels. I had to pay up but here's what I got.
  4. Paid up for some beautiful High Grade raw Marvels from a friends personal collection
  5. Helped a friend sort a new collection and he gave me first dibs on the books. Here's what I picked up.