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  1. My submission of 9 Modern Tier books (& Press) were delivered to CGC today and show status "Received" ......... The Clock starts now!
  2. I remember it like it was last month...because it was. I started posting on here because I was debating if I should submit a pile of books that I wanted to entomb for preservation and display reasons and after seeing so many photos I decided that I liked the look with the cases and finally sprung for my X94 (And just shipped off my first pile to CGC today as well.)
  3. My What If...? that I am missing is 10 ...and now I don't think that I will stumble into that one any time soon.
  4. Huge fan of runs (and full mini's) Probably because I like reading full story lines - so I don't think I'm really a completionist. I am working on the entire Uncanny Run - Short about 40 issues between 1 - 125 (Including 1-4) and maybe 75-80 issues after 350, but those should be a pretty easy pick up. I am currently focusing to complete my Marvel Team-Up run - Need about 35 issues and an upgrade of my 2.0ish #1 For New Mutants Vol1 I need about 10 more filler issues and am chasing a really high grade copy of the Graphic Novel Also accidentally started collecting the What If...? Vol1 when I realized that I had 29 of the first 30 (guess which one I don't have...)
  5. I would suggest It is free to use, allows tracking of your 'pile' of comics and you can sort your collections into sub-sets and also give you the option of compiling a 'want list' and you can export the tables into something printable if you need. There is also an app available, but I don't think that is free. I am sure that there are other online options that will work as well. Either way, best of luck to your son in his collecting endeavors!
  6. I finally get to be a part of a "woot!"
  7. Thanks all for helping talk me through this. I'll get some edge closeups this weekend and post ...because I am now insanely curious...
  8. Okay - I purchased this as a part of a World's Finest lot on Ebay and I assumed that I was getting this issue missing a chunk of the cover, but as it turns out, it was not missing...exactly - the seller included the detached corner. My plans are to keep it for now as a filler in my collection, but should I acquire a better copy in the future I would most likely sell this one. With that in mind, do we believe it would be better from a resale standpoint to re-attach the corner with archival tape or to leave the piece separate? (Or would there even be a large enough difference to be concerned with.) Thanks!
  9. I can't really give much advice other than I think that all 6 as a set would be an 'Incredible' display with the Hulk custom labels.
  10. Nice book - I wonder how many of those have actually survived in the wild. I agree with the others, pressing should help it some
  11. That seems like a good candidate to me... Here is a link to take a look at that cover and see if it looks familiar. Just click on #5 to see a representation of the cover.
  12. I just accidentally picked up the Modern reprint of Attack! #13 in an eBay lot and spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out what the heck I was looking at ...I should have known that somewhere here I could find an answer - thanks for the history lesson boardies!
  13. As someone mentioned earlier - definitely a drop shipper. Could be an honest n00b mistake. (If his drop ship company is based in the US, he could be incorrectly assuming that is the shipping location.) I would send him a note letting him know that the item isn't shipping out of the US as stated and see how he responds, but don't leave neutral or negative until the seller has an opportunity to explain.