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  1. Hi, here is the quote from the website: Pre-screen Service When submitting a large number of comic books in a single submission for Value, Economy or Modern tiers, take advantage of our Pre-screen Service. By requesting Pre-screen Service and specifying a minimum grade on your invoice, you will be charged grading fees only for the comic books that meet or exceed your specified minimum grade. This service works as follows. For example, if sending 100 miscellaneous Modern comics, you could request a minimum grade of 9.4. Comics grading at 9.4 and above are certified and encapsulated at usual rates. Comics grading below 9.4 are returned uncertified. Minimum quantities are required and special service guidelines must be followed in order for your submission to qualify for Pre-screen Service. Additionally, CGC charges a reject fee for each comic returned uncertified. Fees are calculated based on the number of books submitted, the grading tier selected, the percentage that passed, and the minimum grade requested. Please contact CGC customer service to discuss Pre-screens, pricing and submission eligibility. To view a full list of Pre-Screen Frequently Asked Questions, click here.
  2. I know, the purpose of my post was to inform that pressing services are available if you do not submit 15 books. "Quick Press " is like combo pricing. You receive a volume discount. However, say you want only one book pressed by CCS, then the steps listed is how you would do that.
  3. Yes you can submit them in the same box. Just remember 2 things: 1] Write the initials of the person signing on the outside of the box visibly. 2]Make sure all comics are bundled with the appropriate packing slip and information required. Hope that helps.
  4. If your goal is to upgrade your comic simply go over to the WTB section and post what you are looking for. Chances are someone will have what you want. There is a greater chance of catching a collector whose significant other is making them downsize. I have both suffered from that and benefited on these here boards. Check it out when you have time. I just scored a ASM 252 for 5 bucks that graded out a 9.6 . I got it during a Christmas sale!
  5. Ok, the screening part does not refer to pressing. If you pay for it they press them all. The screening you are referring to has to do with the grading. If I select screening for 9.8, then after the books are pressed at CCS, they cull through them. Any books that will not grade a 9.8 are sent back to me ungraded and all the other books not rejected will be 9.8 or higher. Next, you do not have to send in 15 books to utilize pressing services. Simply click the button immediately to the right of the grading button when selecting services and you can get any amount of books pressed. Hope that helps a little. Welcome to the boards!
  6. Lou, hello and welcome. CGC breaks down grading fees most generally on the age of the book. That is where you get tiers like modern. A majority of your books shown fall in the modern spectrum of grading. Things that can make the grading costs go up is the higher value the book, the more money they charge you to grade it. For the books that you want to grade you can select a pre-screen option that will eliminate books from being graded if they will not reach a certain grade. I normally select 9.8. So that means any book that does not have the possibility of being a 9.8 gets sent back to me and I don't have to pay to have it graded. Costs a lil bit but you don't end up with a lot of 8.5's and 9.2's if that isn't what you were going for. Hope that at least gets you going in the right direction. Keep posting questions when you can. There are a bunch of knowledgeable folks around.
  7. Hello! You will need to do 2 separate invoices. Let's begin with the ones you want graded and pressed. First select comic and then select the "mail in..." option. For you to select the pressing that you are referring to, under 15 books, you need to select the button marked "pressing". It is the button immediately to the right of the grading button . So at this point the grading box should have a blue check and the button immediately to the right of that button should be checked blue as well. If you already have the 5 comics in your cart all you have to do is use the back arrow keys at the top of the page until you get back to this screen. If you are in checkout mode, then simply highlight your 5 comics and click the red pencil that appears. After that click back until you get to the screen that asks which services you want. Make sure those 2 buttons are selected. Proceed as normal. Check out and print your packing slip. Bundle all 5 comics together in the order they are on the packing slip. For the in house signing, after you choose "comic" as the item you want to submit you want to check the "In House signing" button on the far right hand side. Choose Donny Cates from the dropdown menu. After that choose which services you would like (grading, pressing, etc.) . Now put in your comic info. After you put in the declared value it is going to ask you who you want to sign the book. Click the appropriate response. Before you check out it should let you choose any special labels if they are available. Remember, for the signing you will need to print out the packing slip and the signing placard that denotes which signing the comic is going to. Place this placard inside the window bag that your comic is in. Also make sure the outside of your box is marked DR so they know it has a book for a in house signing inside. Also, yes you can send both invoices inside one box. Just make sure each group of comics is with the appropriate invoice. I hope that helps. If you need anymore help just PM me. Good luck with your submissions.
  8. It depends on what you are going for. If you are looking to resell the book you might want to consult the market analysis information available on your marketplace of choice and see what the FMV is for comparably graded books. If you are looking to bolster the value of your PC, then you might want to consult the CGC census and see what the scarcity is for those books at comparable grades. Lastly, just go for whichever one makes you smile the most when you think about Frank signing it! Hopefully that at least gets you going in the right direction. I'm getting all my Wolverine mini-series signed. Good luck.
  9. I had this happen last month. If you are selling on eBay you can initiate a claim at the resolution center prior to the customer doing so. It is better to be proactive rather than reactive. I received a credit to my acct and my book was still returned to me. Keep us posted, and good luck.
  10. I know CGC has some retired 2019 labels for reholder services. Who exactly would I contact in the office to check the availability of the 2019 Daredevil label? I ask because I read an article on the CGC website that was dated 1/31/2019 that they had "some" remaining and that they would be used while supplies lasted for reholder. Technically I am getting these slabs reholdered, I'm Just adding signatures LOL. Now would be as good a chance as any to go thru that surplus. If at all possible I would like some of these labels, specifically Thor 0126, Daredevil 0122, and the First Generation Venom 0128. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The quote from the article is as follows: " Retired Labels Please Note: We have a small quantity of the 2019 Marvel Label Series on reserve for the reholder service. Please write a note on your submission packing slip with the label you'd like included on each book. Available while supplies last."
  11. I was thinking the same thing. Chap did the pencils on the books you have pictured. He has quite an extensive filmography working on cartoons like Ben 10 & The Batman as well.
  12. Hey Rich, I have some books I would like to get signed by Hickman and Skottie. I will reach out to you later in the week when I get back home about logistics. Hope you are doing well my friend!
  13. Ahmed, as far as getting signatures for cons you can not attend I would recommend a facilitator here. Rich Henn is THHHHEEEEE BBBEEEESSSSSSSTTTT (DJ KHALED VOICE) . You have to do your homework a little bit as far as knowledge on where the artist are going to be and what days they are signing. For a fee, Rich will get your book signed and authenticated. He also offers pressing if you want as well. Check him out. What I really love is if you have ppl across multiple shows, he can get them over time and still submit for yellow labels.
  14. It most certainly does. Great question!