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  1. The way the curves of their numbers and their writing style looks like 92 + 4 to me.
  2. I think we can assume it has become clear that something is off with this foundation. He could have squashed any issues by just providing a scan of the info that was requested and everyone would have been on their way. Any legitimate foundation would have provided info happily. I have worked for a non profit organization before and part of my job was getting donations and doing cold calls to businesses in the community to get support and I would always have any required info they wanted ready for them. A bit different but still would think if his goal is to support single mothers he would go out of his way to provide any info requested. I see no reason why he is being so stubborn on giving the info and making threats if he was legit. If he was legit then this could have been some advertising for his foundation because I bet lot of people never even heard of this foundation and the comic community likes to support so he could have turned this negative into a great positive for his foundation.
  3. So you think that nvagent is the main person at suite 200A? Why are they not listed on the main tenant list for Bosma? There is plenty of businesses using the same suite address. exp: https://mustpugs.com/pages/contact-us https://premiumlabs.com/pages/customer-service This one is interesting since there contact is somewhere else and then there refund setup is out of the same address. https://gofable.com/legal/refunds https://gofable.com/contact I can list on and on so many out of the same suite.
  4. So while researching more about why so many business at that location which I mentioned and just edited this post of the list since I google mapped that address and that address is the Bosma Business Center and a shared suites. Has anyone contacted that center about this since they would be renting from them or have had done something thru there programs or whatever is going on there? https://www.bosmabusinesscenter.com/ No idea if I missed this in the discussion.
  5. Ok got it . With that info that make sense. Thanks again that was a great help. Final question. In 3, 4 and 5 was it noted inside the book in the indicia?
  6. Ok thanks. I find it interesting because #2 was marked black spidey and the ones after as well and only these three are not. Wonder why they did that and then reverted back after those three. Just find it strange.
  7. Are these the only 3 book that do this being 3,4 and 5?
  8. Yeah and they are strange. They don't have black spidey for 2nd print. Have you ever seen one? Is it only noted in the indica? I have seen them noted on yojoe but not as second prints but have diamonds and such and called a variant. Any more info on that?
  9. I have read thru this thread and seen the previous. Just out of curiosity I started looking them up to see any feedback and such and came across the address. When I started looking at that address as far as back as 1998 multiple revoked companies let alone right now there is multiple services and companies listed out of that address.
  10. Not sure if the list I see is just the ones you are looking for or a full list of what had a second prints and third prints. GI Joe had: Second prints of 2,6,7,8,10,11,12,14,17,18,19,21,23,25,26,27,29,30,34,35,36,37,38,49,51,52,53,55,63, and 64. Third prints of 21,29 and 63. When it comes to 21 I am not up to date of what they have said about the second print.
  11. In and around 1990 they used those seat belts like on the 1990 Hammer. It plugged into the seats to hold in figures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSZauJ7rM5c
  12. H is from 1983 GI Joe headquarters. https://www.yojoe.com/vehicles/83/headquarters/
  13. In short its a heat sensitive sticker that shows their allegiance.
  14. It should state that it is a second print. CGC isn't perfect and in fact on a couple of Joe books they have missed proper designations such as third printings for #21 or second printings denotation for some of the other books in the run.