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  1. I think there is a secondary market, where you would trade your shares with other buyers on prospective days, similar to Schwab or other Financial service institutions.
  2. Totally, me too! im gonna wait and see, it seems everytime i check their site at www.hipcomic.com/invest, the bar gets more and more filled. Waiting for more details
  3. Yes i am waiting for more details, but the idea of it sounds very interesting, and thats probably what has convinced a alot of those people who have shown interest
  4. Got it. If you guys miraculously discovered this in your collection, would you hold on to it, or sell it/auction it right away?
  5. Valid Point. It is definitely a very unique yet interesting concept
  6. But also the argument is, would you read this CGC graded AF 15, probably not? So then I would think, no one would be driving that countache or 1960 Ferrari GTO, in theory?
  7. are you talking about rallyrd? They just started doing books, and sports memorabilia. I think this is there link: https://www.rallyrd.com/
  8. I guess time will tell, but even that comic the Action #1, is probably worth closer to 4 million don't yall think?
  9. I don't think its an auction. Obviously the value of the book will be debated. But yeah, its a neat concept, and it will be interested to see how it evolves, given the interest so far.
  10. Yeah that makes sense, its always something I was intrigued by. Like what else do people have in their attic, that they don't know what they are sitting on.
  11. Hmm, yeah I wonder that too. I would think dealers own them? My other question is where would the book be stored?
  12. Do you guys thing there is a comic out there that is more valuable than Action Comic #1? If so what are some possibilities?