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  1. I am in my early twenties and I am an avid youtube watcher especially of comic book related material. I am watching of these guys who have awesome comic book collecting origin stories. Typically, when they were a kid and they got an amazing ASM or FF book, and from then on they were hooked. I started collecting when sixteen because I had some extra cash and didn't have anything else to do. My first comic Book purchase consisted of Infinity Heist #1 and Manifest Destiny #1. I just feel like my collecting story isn't as cool as a lot of other people, and I feel like I am one of the only young people to have thousands of comics. What do you guys think about this. Am I just being self conscious and over thinking? How do I get more comfortable with my collecting origins, and become happier with my collection?
  2. Is collecting Overstreet Comic Book Price Guides a thing? Is collecting Previews Catalogs a thing? There over 370 previews catalogs an d going to be 50 price guides so obviously there is a lot of storage space we are talking about. Also, Overstreet comes in both paperback and hardback so if I did collect which one would I collect? Is this idea just completely stupid?
  3. I am relatively new to the community, and haven't posted much so forgive any mistakes I make. I am going to background myself and who I am as a collector so you can better answer my questions. I am a run collector. I want not just the keys I want the entire series. I collect mostly silver and bronze age Marvel titles. I am in college right now so collecting is slow and I am okay with that. I know collecting will be a life long journey for me and I am in no hurry to make it happen. My questions today will revolve around what grade at which I should buy my filler comics. Standards for key comics change because price and availability plays a bigger role when looking for those so for this post ignore the idea of keys comics. When looking for filler (non-key) books they aren't hard to find, but I have run into the problem where I debate what grade I should strive for when buying these books. I have researched two very specific examples just to help get my message across. Nove Vol 1 #18 : NM- $8.00 (New Kadia) VF+ $7.10 (New Kadia) VF $4.57 (New Kadia) VF $6.10 (mycomicshop) Incredible Hulk #331: VF+ $22.70 (New Kadia) VF $14.50 (New Kadia) VF- $13.40 (New Kadia) VF- $16.25 (mycomicshop) FN+ $12.75 (mycomicshop) FN $10.75 (mycomicshop) The above books are examples of books that I would collect. The top one is a lower dollar book and the second one is a little pricier that makes the differences in grade more apparent. Now, obviously I want the NM graded books because who doesn't want quality. I know the argument about its your collection and you should do what makes you happy, but I want your opinions on what you would do and maybe it will give me some ideas. I want to complete runs, but I also want to add value to my collection. Even though I do not intend on selling any comics I still think adding value to my collection is important. I recently went to a comic con and there were $1 and .50 cent book galore. These books were incredibly cheap and were in probably FN- to VF- grade. Cons only come around so often so collecting solely through cons is not feasible. So, I guess my final questions are what grade would you buy, and why? Where else do you shop for bronze/silver age books? Are those few extra dollars worth it?
  4. I’m looking to get the catalog so I can read a physical copy of it.
  5. I want to start looking at Previews Catalogs each month, but I do not know how to get a hold of the physical books. I do not want to read it online. Please help
  6. Check out the Collectorz or CLZ app. I use the one made for the iphone and desktop version because it makes you mobile and functional. Very easy to use. It does cost, but nothing substantial if you consider what it is helping you do and how much time it will save you in the long run.
  7. Great point. I have already come across this issue with some early books I am just glad I caught myself before I went and bought some big boy books and realized I messed up. Thanks for reminding me though always good to hear that I am thinking rationally. haha
  8. I visiting some family in New York in about a week, and I have never been before. I want to check out a few comic shops while I am up there, but I am unsure of where to go. I obviously wanted to stop by Midtown Comics just to say I have been , but other than that I do not know where to go. I am looking for mostly cheap back issues, some cheap keys, and maybe some new issues. Not the biggest fan of pop culture things just looking to work on completing some runs. Any advice on where to shop would be wonderful. Thanks!
  9. I am currently in college and therefore incredibly poor. I am working on completing runs (Iron Man vol 1, Capt. America vol 1), but early issues are out of reach. I can only afford filler books unless I save up for a few months at which time I could possibly buy one or two of the earlier books. I was wondering what your thoughts are on what I should do. Should I only buy a few books with more value or should I continue bulking my collection by buying cheaper books?