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  1. Mike has the best problem in a world. I want Mike's problems.
  2. I never considered that I would run out of steam. I guess that you have to really love what you are collecting, and I think that I would collect what I love and collect the cheaper drek when I ran out of other things to do.
  3. Thanks for the advice. You have definitely given me something to think about.
  4. Part of the appeal to comic collecting for me and some other is that there is no end. Once you complete a run or a specific set of books can they be upgraded? Do you truly believe that you will stop collecting comics books once your one goal is completed?
  5. Personally I have a few reasons for collecting comics. I enjoy Marvel because it is what I grew up with. Owning all the Nazi covers, and older stuff really appeals to me because it is literally like owning a piece of history. I enjoy the artwork from the golden age all the way through to today, and I also enjoy the stories of most of the main runs. I am also a very OCD individual and incredibly goal oriented. Yes, I agree that some books have little appeal individually, but those are also the books that can be found for pennies on the dollar. If I enjoy the history, art, and story of the
  6. Being happy with your collection is all that matters
  7. If you wanted to collect every single comic published by Marvel or DC (pick your favorite) ever, how would you go about doing it? I have made a list of possible ways I have thought of. Buying collections Focusing on a single run at a time Going after hard to find books first Starting from the golden age and working my way chronologically Also to consider am I buying what is being currently published concurrently. I personally think that if you buy concurrently you avoid a lot of inflated modern key/spec book prices. I understand this is a super lofty goal
  8. I've been so hesitant to buy a slab because I love/love collecting raw books, but it looks like I will eventually have to dip my toe in when I go after certain books. I am an over-thinker so I really dissecting my decision to pull a trigger on some slabbed books.
  9. I consider buying graded when a book is expensive enough for me to feel uncomfortable buying a raw copy so I would buy graded to ensure value and desired grade. Me not pulling the trigger on some graded copies has made me miss out on a few books because I didn't want the slab, but wasn't comfortable buying the raw copy (because I couldn't risk the money if it wasn't graded properly). This last sentence is the reason I am asking this question now. I am collecting silver, bronze age keys and runs, and modern keys that I would be willing to get graded or have graded.
  10. I know it's different for every person, but what defines a pricey book for you?
  11. I understand that, but I just wanted to get some ideas and thought processes so I can see if you have any other ideas.
  12. I like how you nutshelled your method. I was thinking something very similar. The thing is with those popular runs (ASM etc.) and older runs it is almost impossible to find ungraded copies of some books in good condition. I guess I could always crack them if I wanted. I guess I need to ask what price am I willing to pay for a raw book before I would prefer to guarantee the value by buying graded
  13. Wow your collection sounds like a dream. Maybe one day! I would be buying slabs to ensure value upon purchase, protection, and longevity in my personal collection. Of course if I needed to sell I could, but I am not an investor I am a collector.
  14. Have newton rings gone away yet? I have done some research and every where I look it says something different. I would love a concrete answer if you could point me in the right direction.
  15. I disagree with slabbing everything too. It is unnecessary and those books that do not deserve to be graded also do not usually deserve the price that goes along with it. I would probably stick to keys or books that are important to me.