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  1. Also a little brownish dirt area on the back around the staples, very light tho. couldnt get a good enough pic, lota glare now its in a case. No graders notes Anyone think would be worth sending it back to be cracked open, pressed and regrade? Id be happy to get it bumped to a 9.6
  2. I received my books back today. I sent in 5 books witch they received on 12/4 witch I only know from USPS tracking. No pressing on any books. This is my first time doing anything with CGC so I only signed up on here as a free membership. I sent multiple emails to them with my concern of the lack of updates on my user submissions page. They promptly informed me that they had them in house and that my status would get updated and an email would be sent out once they have been graded and slabbed. Nothing. no update, no emails whatsoever. Now, I understand that this was a big event. I understand they were under enormous pressure to keep to a schedule all while trying to maintain the highest of accuracy and efficiency. But seeing what gmgq23 has said, has put my confidence in what CGC is claiming thy do in question. In my past experience, A company is not successful by doing what they claim they do, but as how they react to mistakes and issues that happen along the way. Please, gmgq23 , keep us informed on your issue and good luck. My issue is minor compared to yours. More of a complaint than an issue. IMO, they need to look into stronger in-house data tracking, customer service and QC procedures. Anyways... show and tell time... #1 Spawn - 9.8 #1 Spawn - 9.8 #2 Spawn - 9.8 #3 Spawn - 9.2 (has 2 bends on lower spine I didn't see. May resubmit for pressing and regrade) #16 Spider-man/ X-Force cross-over, Last Spider-man Todd did - 9.8 (added the spider-man NYC label) All signed T.MFozlonE Non of these were pressed and all books that I bought off a magazine rack, new, when I was a kid.
  3. Package was received via USPS Priority on 12/4 but still no update on my Submissions page. Its my first time submitting books and I have the free membership. I would feel ALOT better if they were confirmed received and in the system. Sounds like the signing is this week, so fingers crossed. Good luck everyone.
  4. I sent in : 1) two copies Spawn #1 2) Spawn #2 3) Spawn #3 4) X-Force joins Spider-man #16 Sabotage x-over sideways edition, newstand My USPS tracking # says it has arrived at CGC yesterday. With the Free membership, will my lot show up under "MY Submissions" and give me a status? I'm guessing they need to go through them and enter them into their system. I'm just wondering how long that usually takes. Thanks guys and good luck !!