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  1. @Mmehdy is that you? I thought you were only in Gold? Just kidding ... agreed, collectors will recognize SC4 for its historical significance. Unfortunately, collecting has the money factor and you buy what you love first rather than completing a set. That's why I sold my Famous Funnies #1. Having the first ever news stand comic book would be nice, but I used the money for a Marvel key. I've come full circle in my collecting and regretted selling my keys for OA. But, I think my mistake was buying modern OA rather than a nice Kirby page. I think I'm the outlier as most how ju
  2. Here it is, my feedback thread. Leave feedback on purchases I've made or items I've sold.
  3. Love that panel. Future city scape, Flash 139 cover is the one of the best.
  4. I wish I had GPA to check values. Flash (CW) started 7 years ago. It would be a good exercise to compare growth over 7 years between SC4 and the top 6 Marvel keys (AF15, FF1, X1, IH1, TOS39, JIM83). My hunch is SC4 only beats FF1 in terms of percentage growth. Regardless, I personally would much rather have one of my old copies of SC4 back than most other Marvel keys.
  5. I thought the same thing when I bought Famous Funnies #1 twenty years ago. I dropped that for a Marvel key. Nope. Not the 90s version and not the current CW version.
  6. Good luck
  7. This was between 2003-2006 which are some of the dates from the sketchbook. The next page was a Robin sketch by Jerry Robinson.
  8. I still remember the few times over the years I would visit with Carmine at his table in SD and he would have no one waiting. He was gracious and accommodating to sketch requests.
  9. Thanks for the link. But, my copy is for trade only. Hoping to come across a nice lower grade so I can crack it out of the slab.
  10. Really? You guys want to keep this thread going? If I post something, and someone buys it, can I mark the thread [Closed] then we can put this to sleep? The books: 2 girls, a blonde boy and some freaks, see pic Condition: 3 in the 8ish range and one 4ish Guarantee: None Returns: Not accepted Payment: PayPal only Shipping Option - Envelope: Free shipping via USPS within the U.S. Not available to ship outside the U.S. This will be in a priority envelope, I can only find one extra piece of cardboard laying around, so it's half-protected. But don't worry,
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I would feel really bad about cracking open a SS and ruining the provenance of the signature. I definitely will be cracking open the slab.
  12. Please delete or hide this empty thread I accidentally created.