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  1. That's both funny and sad because: Still pretty crappy of those doing it though, but this isn't a well tied in Marvel movie so I guess if that's the worst of the spoilers that isn't too earth shattering. Even knowing the spoilers doesn't take away from the tone of the movie itself which is what really sets it apart
  2. Ugh, people. I saw the movie this past Saturday at the Fandango VIP screening. Being a longtime fan of the entire Fawcett world I really enjoyed it. The Geoff Johns influence is noticeable, and overall they did a great job walking the fine line of being fun/light hearted and too goofy/silly. I plan on seeing it in IMAX opening weekend as well.
  3. Hi there, Could you please add these: Lazarus 22 Lazarus 23 Lazarus 24 Lazarus 25 Lazarus Sourcebook to these: Lazarus (Complete w Variants) Lazarus (Complete) Thank you!