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  1. NM 87 has always lagged behind 98 and in general. Cable's an old guy and not a very popular character, especially compared to Deadpool. Highly unlikely to get a spin off or solo movie, etc. I'd say NM 87 is about where it should be.
  2. Pretty amazing. When he posted it I went to the site and it was still available for $699. I thought that was way too much for something that I would only play with a couple times and put away. Really didn't dream it would be instantly flippable for double. Need to stop underestimating this market.
  3. Let's just say that there is a 66.66% chance (repeating, of course) that Spawn #1 will be $1000 by the end of the year.
  4. I might have to put you on ignore again. You just said you think the market will go down, but it won't crash. These are your words. You know what it means when the market goes down but doesn't crash? A typical price fluctuation.
  5. You've been in every thread talking about a crash. But I'm glad you don't think it will crash. I guess by "rude awakening" you meant "typical price fluctuations." Then we agree! Hallelujah.
  6. Some price fluctuation is totally normal, but it is also a fallacy that just because prices are higher than they used to be that they must crash. Similarly, a lot of people thought the stock market was high and on the verge of a bubble at 20k. Then at 25k they really thought so. Then at 30k they thought so even more. Well, now we're at 33.5k and those doom-and-gloomers have been on the sidelines since 20k--now what? Keep calling for a crash, I guess! This has some appeal--history shows that eventually you'll be right. But that's cold comfort when you missed out on all the gains along th
  7. Oh, right, that thing. I have to admit it's pretty horrible. But at least it's trying to be funny. I'm going to call it on par with 361 for awfulness.
  8. If that was the Q then I already answered it in my first response: 361 has already caught and surpassed 300 in relative growth.
  9. The fact I had to look up Hulk 272 to see what it was shows it's not a key on the level of 361. That having been said, now that I have seen it, I still prefer it to 361.
  10. To OP's question, I still am a Kirby hater. Though I recognize his contribution to the hobby. Some things just need context. Similarly I tried, but I didn't really like Citizen Kane or Casablanca or the Godfather, but the critics and film school people sure seem to think they are 3 of the best movies of all time. I note that Kirby tops every best artist list, on this board or otherwise. But put a Kirby spread next to a McFarlane or Lee spread and it's sort of like pulling up next to an Lamborghini Aventador with a Toyota Avalon. So history and context are doing a hell of a lot of work.
  11. I should clarify that I actually like Bagley quite a bit. Similar to say Ramos and Romita Jr etc. My point was more that I don't think as many books are getting a bump because it's a Bagley cover as opposed to say a McFarlane or J Scott Campbell cover. What's your pic for key on the level of 361 with a worse cover? There's a thread devoted to this very topic in general. Others have tried, but I have personally not yet seen 361's equal.
  12. ASM 300 has the benefit of being a McFarlane cover, many of which have gone up regardless of issue importance, and features one of the most iconic, homaged shots in all of comics. ASM 361 has a... Bagley cover, which is perhaps the worst of any key in the last 40 years. For those reasons alone, 361 will never catch 300. I'm amazed it's as high as it is, frankly.