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  1. I have a package outstanding since November. I know it's not the seller's fault but I opened a case because my time to appeal was running out. And who knows maybe it will never come, maybe it will. So the seller said he'd refund half of it ($20 book). And I said alright sure. But he never did and then ebay just kept putting the case on hold for an extra 2 weeks. They have put it on hold for a month and a half now. Point being, ebay will give a lot of extra time for delayed packages to show up before they make seller's give refunds right now. At least 1.5 months. We'll see how l
  2. Agree. And it has affected the art world at large, as well, not just comics. All kinds of sculptures and paintings going for new and outrageous sums. I also believe there has been an uptick in money laundering which all art and collectibles is great for. I tried to make this point in another thread and got shouted down by economy doom and gloomers. Yeah, the economy is in the toilet, tons of people unemployed, etc etc--but this year has actually be fantastic for people with money. Hell, this decade. My clients are all richer than ever--by a lot. And buying sculptures for tens of millio
  3. I know some people do like Silver stories, and I enjoyed some of them as a kid, but I got a couple omnibuses recently of highly regarded silver runs, like Surfer and F4, and I still find them pretty cheesy and cliched. And the Golden Age stuff is super cheesy. I really don't think anyone collects the Golden age stuff for the stories. That's as much cover driven as modern variants. And I personally feel that moderns, which I define as 1990s on, are mostly craparama. The variant craze, and cover collecting, has exacerbated this. But don't lump coppers in with moderns because the 1980
  4. It fairness, it doesn't look like they bent it.
  5. No matter what proof you find, or how many people verify something, there is always someone to say "but I bought from him and it was fine." Happens with kellyssuperheroes as well. Well, sure. They don't have to defraud 100% of the time. But I'd say any percentage over 0 is cause for shame, yes?
  6. Actual footage of Kav walking into a bar.
  7. I also work in the city and transfer at Penn. Some people complain to me about their Covid depression or how bad it is they can't go to restaurants. I'm just over here, playing video games and reading comics, haven't seen Penn in 9 months, hoping this pandemic lasts another 10 years.
  8. My assumption is your comics will go to Buzzy.
  9. They should try an all black costume instead. Maybe with a big white spider on the front.
  10. And he would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you pesky kids.
  11. I would absolutely get it pressed and graded, regardless of whether or not I was selling it. I like having things in the CGC slabs unless I'm planning to read/handle them, which in this case, I would not. Plus I'd just want to know what it was.