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  1. 5.5 - I see some spine roll unless that's just the picture, some colour breaks, and those corner blunting/damage.
  2. I usually look at "Sold" listings on eBay. As the people above have stated, unsold listings are not indicative of FMV of a book. I've found best success on eBay just by directing messaging sellers and negotiating prices (especially if the listing doesn't have a best offer option). 99% of the time sellers will agree to your price just because the book has been sitting there left unsold for awhile. Remember that it's not worth anything for them if they're unable to find someone who's willing to pay what they're asking for: supply and demand baby.
  3. I'm in Australia :< 1000 Mylites 2 and 1000 Fullbacks is gonna run me $605USD ~ $919AUD with shipping included. I own less than 50 books pre Modern age so using poly bags and normal backing boards for the majority of my collection will suffice for now.
  4. 7 1/4" is too loose for my liking The books move alot compared to 7 1/8"
  5. Recently bought 1000 bags: 9 from BCW and 1 from Ultimate Guard. Both brands were bought at Silver Age sizes with these measurements: 7 1/8" x 10 1/2" or 181mm x 266mm. The quality control in the width of these bags are actually disgustingly bad. 99% of the bags from both brands range from 179mm to 180mm. The difference might sound small but it's the difference between whether or not 7" backing boards actually fit into the bag, or if they're just way too tight. The other 1% will be spot on 181mm or 182mm. I was surprised to find this has happened to me as I previously bought 3 bags from BCW with 0 sizing trouble, but now that this has happened I'm kinda disappointed and annoyed. Has this happened to other people before? Is there a brand with 7 1/8" bags that are usually pretty spot on? Maybe Ultra-Pro? Thanks guys.
  6. As per title, how do you guys store your books in your boxes? Do you go about it the usual way or do you alternate the cover every book to evenly distribute the weight? I ask this question because I'm a little bit pedantic about storing it the right way to avoid any damage. I've had stacking curls happen to a few books when the pile inside one of my boxes was completely slanted. I'm not sure if this would have been prevented if I had alternated every book instead of having all the books facing in one direction, but some people have sworn by this method. I'm still undecided and would like to hear your personal ways of storing books and long how you've been doing it that way, and if there's being any damage whatsoever. And while I fret over the tiny details like this I feel like the main thing to prevent storage damage is to just keep your books upright and decently spaced out inside the boxes. Would love to hear your responses guys!
  7. I recently bought a CGC 5.5 Batman #99 off eBay. I couldn't help notice how badly degraded the label looked (looks like it's been left in the sun for too long). Then I noticed how the top label was slightly ripped off. I then started to doubt the book inside the slab was a 5.5. I think it looked like a 4.5 but I don't know. I did check the barcode, which showed me that it was graded in 2015 so I assume the label lost a bit of its vibrancy over the years. The slab is intact but when I compared to my other 2019 CGC slab this one just felt more 'fake' even though I know there's a 4 year difference in slab technology and labels. What do you guys think?
  8. As per title, is there any DIY way of remove stacking curls from modern age comics (2011 onwards)? I've heard of using heavy books such as dictionaries but I'm not sure if that works. Any suggestions/solutions would be appreciated. PS. I got these stacking curls because I left ~200 comics on an angle inside a box without making sure each comic and its backing board were flush. Some books were out of place and I assume after years of storage the backing board imprinted itself onto the books behind it. You can see in the image what I mean by the curl.
  9. Hey man, Before I actually went to my first comic book store, I actually frequented my local library every week just because they would have a pretty big selection of graphic novels and single issues. That's a pretty good starting place for you to figure out everything that @marvelmaniac said. You can read some old and new storylines and see if you actually like certain characters. I went to my first store in 2011 just as DC Comics' New 52 was starting so I was lucky to have everything rebooted back to #1. If I'm not mistaken there are a few titles right now that are finishing up arcs, getting reboots/new series or reaching landmark issues. Now seems like an alright time to jump into single issues, otherwise trade paperbacks and hardcovers will help you cover lost ground quite quickly. And lastly, everything you don't know about this hobby you can find online somewhere in articles, videos and forums (just like this!), so if you feel like not asking people, just go wild and google everything!
  10. Then I assume they use different quality paper stock for books because titles released in the same week all have varying conditions on its spines. I guess it's not a dealbreaker when you're looking at the cover directly from the front, but I'm too meticulous to ignore it
  11. I actually don't see anyone else other than me worry about the conditions of the books. People who do buy floppies either get the store to pull it for them or just pick the first one off the shelf. I'm literally the only person in the store who meticulously goes through the pile (I feel awkward for doing this though) and searches for the least damaged book just because I believe if I'm paying 5.28 USD (7.50 AUD) for a 3.99 USD book I, at the bare minimum, deserve something that's not defected with flaws. I haven't talked to the owner of my LCS just because I don't frequent the store that much or engage in conversations with them. The prices have always put me off plus the amount of time required to get there (30-40 minutes by bus/car). I know supporting my LCS is extremely important especially when this store is the only standing store left in this city, but I can't bring myself to spend what I spend when I'm getting an 'inferior' product. I digress. From observations and assumptions I don't think the owner/employees care too much about the condition of the books. Just this week I saw them manhandling the new arrivals. Literally gave me a shock. Even though this spine issue is persistent I'm still gonna buy the issues until my first DCBS order arrives. While I love my LCS shop for standing the test of time, the OCD person inside of me can't stand the handling of stock and prices. You're right though, I should probably ask them what's been going on but I guess I'm a bit afraid haha. HNY!
  12. Oh legit?? I guess my LCS or my luck has just been bad then...At least 25% of the new stock that I see my LCS put on the racks all have this issue (every single copy even the ones in the middle of the pack).
  13. @The Lions Den @marvelmaniac @theCapraAegagrus @Krismusic Hey guys, sorry for the super late response. Stuff's been hectic. I've got some pictures to show you what I mean exactly. If you take these 'spine damaged' books and just look at it from the front, you'd probably expect them to be somewhere near 8.5 to 9.4. The corners and spine creases and other cover defects are usually non-existent on these books but then when you look at its spine, it looks hella screwed up (as seen in the other photo). And this seems like a pandemic on eBay and other marketplaces where sellers will always be state that the books are 'averaging NM.' From the front sure, but as an overall book I wouldn't personally give these higher than a 8.0 VF just because it makes the book so damn ugly. As stated in my original post, I see this type of defect/damage on newer books as well. I'm in Australia so there may be some damage during transit when Diamond ships their books but I've gotten some books with similar issues from DCBS in the States. Curious to see if you guys have noticed this or have an explanation if CGC overlooks this type of stuff. Cheers and hope you guys had a good Christmas!
  14. I've been an on and off comic collector, and ever since I started I've been really pedantic about the condition/quality of the books I purchase. I've gone to great lengths to make sure I get the best possible condition (without breaking the bank ofc) so I usually buy doubles, sometimes triples of a particular issue. And this is where I've been stumped for the longest time. I've noticed, since I started this hobby back in 2011, that a lot of the newly released comics often come with their spines damaged already. This type of damage usually runs along the entire vertical span of the spine, resembling creased paper, with spine ticks sometimes forming as well. I don't know if this is just a symptom of whatever paper stock manufacturers use or a manufacturer or what, but it'd be great if someone knew about why this is happening. This has always been the number one thing that's bugged me when I buy floppies other than slightly dented/damaged corners. Some good examples of this type of damage is Detective Comics #5/#6 New 52 or Batman #4 New 52. All my copies of these have spine damage and I've seen CGC graded copies anywhere from 9.4-9.8 with the same issue. I'm honestly just stumped. Some input/discussion would be awesome! Thanks guys!