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  1. wait until it arrives and notate the true cost listed on the postage from there you should be able to determine what handling and packaging costs were and if they are within reason
  2. Brittany McManus (Signature Series Director title as of end of last year) just recently said, almost every person that has come to do a signing this year will do one again in 2021 (even in conjunction with shows/cons possibly returning) ... given her newer responsibilities and her statements sounds like CGC looks to be in the in house signing business for the long term I also don’t know if she misspoke but she also said John Romita was coming this year .... maybe she meant to specify Junior but the interviewer put up a picture of Sr. interview was on Superpower Review (can find on YT) Will be nice to have another chance for Perez (if he is one of the ones returning) but Romita Sr and Alex Ross still top my want list
  3. can be used as a wall mount or easel style stand
  4. based on current FMV from 1 source, if it falls to either a 9.0 or 8.5 it would lose $125 in value ($550 to $425) same swing but in the positive if it went up 1 grade to a 9.4
  5. consensus will say, if you are happy with your current grade 9.2 which seems very solid for a book of that age, then it is not worth risking there are too many variables that can go wrong ... damage in shipping the book again either to or back from CGC, improper handling of the book by the facilitator or signer, a grader with different thoughts on a 9.2 than the original grader, etc, etc find another book and go from there .... good luck
  6. other tips I would add from my vast experience with having books signed (1 ... but hey at least I went in informed) familiarize yourself with the talent’s signature and make your window spacious enough to fit said signature pick an eye pleasing spot on the book for the sig .... this may seem obvious but I’ve seen numerous books with little thought for this ... you may be limited by the busy-ness of the art on the cover write on the window box tape what color you want the sig done in if you have a preference or want to avoid getting lost in cover art ... signer may not always heed your direction but it’s worth the ask if important to you multi board the book in the bag .... you don’t know who will be handling the book and this may prevent unwanted damage
  7. props to team CGC (Jennifer, Brittany) for taking care of my issue with a re-slab got my book back again today and it looks much better, while there are a couple of minuscule newton ring spots around the sig it is nothing like the original slab .... hopefully in the future they find a way to make the slabs 100% free of this effect