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  1. I think your current collecting style is just fine
  2. I would argue that the redesign of the X-Men logo on ish #50 is more important than either Polaris appearance
  3. I still haven’t heard a better alternative answer, chime in if you have one I never said it was perfect and wouldn’t take some work and common sense to decipher the data/results
  4. I went to the LCS today and all their dollar bins were replaced by $100 bins
  5. not sure if it is a good deal or not but it sounds like you enjoy this run and as the ole adage goes, collect what you like I always enjoyed the Kirby return for this run though I’m not quite sure that on the eve of Falcon and Winter Soldier making its television debut that I’d be looking to buy Cap/Falcon books good luck with the project though and report back
  6. since the 14 hours you posted this, this guide is now selling for $1000
  7. yes, my bad for some reason I thought I had read his original post as the graded book was already signed and he would be adding to it if the book is not signed you certainly can crack it from the slab yourself before sending in since it will be re-graded
  8. the book would be re-graded and is not guaranteed to maintain its original grade do not crack it out of the case yourself though so you maintain the authenticity of the original signature(s)
  9. I think it’s the first appearance of Galactus’ head in the lower left hand corner of the cover of a Thor book
  10. better centering on A cleaner front cover on B tough call
  11. Top 3 new appearances remain - John Romita Sr. - Alex Ross - John Byrne Top 3 returning would be - George Perez - Jim Steranko - Todd McFarlane