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  1. Thanks, now it's likely a long wait for the next batch to come back because it consists of in-house signatures. and with pressing as well.
  2. When I sent my first package to CGC way back in early January, I had no idea how much things would change because of this pandemic. Both Marvel and DC have canceled titles as well putting remaining issues of titles on digital format...which I don't do. My comic pull list has decreased alot which is sad. I find myself wondering which will be the next set of comic books that I will want to preserve a tad longer than just boarding/bagging them. It has become a crazy world. The following picture are the grade results. I am happy with the grades, the one thing I am surprised was Superman 1, I thought for sure that it would come back as off-white pages because I thought the interior pages where somewhat similar to the yellow color on the title page but I was wrong, no problem with 9.6 with white pages. I find it cool that my Birds of prey which was part of a mini-series ends up being the only 9.6 on the census hahahahaha. The picture shows the before and after when my slab was register into the census. Now the next set will be exciting because it will the signature signings coming back which will be sometime this summer maybe?? or fall? I do expect some low grades on some of those comics because of the condition of the books, it is what it is. Catch you later.
  3. When I decided to start sending my older modern comics from the late eighties, I was curious what grading would be like for one of my nineties era books, I was gonna send the first one-shot of Birds Of Prey but I noticed a paper rip on the last page so I decided to send one from one of their with mini-series before they eventually got a on-going series, I would rather test the grading waters with comics that I visual know wouldn't have a low grade from the get-go. What I did not know was once it was in the system that I would have the only 9.6 of that issue. That sort of thing makes up for the 3 month wait of the pressing. hehehehehehehe
  4. The results of my first grades was cool. They are modern comics and going back into my collection. No 9.8's but nothing under 9.0's.. Eventually I'll post the result in my journal here but I need to find myself a decent webcam......Next batch consists of 9 comics all for the upcoming signature signings....we will see how that goes...those puppies will be a tad more expensive too...;)
  5. I never thought this day would come. 7 of mine modern comics arrived at CGC on Jan. 15 for pressing and grading and got the heads up that they are in transit(May 8) to come back to me. Woo hoo, now how the hell can I peak at the grades of them online?
  6. Man your comic schedule for your Moderns are almost the same as mine although the schedule of grading has not popped up for mine just yet....
  7. Here's a recap of my first experience sending off 7 modern comics. Jan 15, 2020. CGC received my order and in turn sent them off to CCS for pressing, first week of April, I was emailed that CCS was dealing with my order and then today those books apparently are back to CGC...….yay...…..
  8. Etreiw

    Getting comicbooks signed. :)

    I was not gonna make another journal entry until my first ever batch of of newly minted slabs were sent back to me but the recent news of In-house signings of some great writers and artists have changed my plans. Now I have course in the past I got lucky enough here in Edmonton to get some signings from writers etc but of course no CGC officials were around to witness and eventually when I send those comics in they will likely get a qualifying grade, oh well can't win them all. I finally got around to deciding which comics I would like to send down there, get signed and *pressed* especially Action Comics 600 issue, I think I have about 550 issues of that title OY! If it were not for this signature thing coming come my second batch would have likely consisted more of the action issues of the late 1980's. The variant covers that Clayton Crain did are kinda of dark and from the videos I have watched having Dark/black grounds makes for harder grades. Before making "WINDOW BAGS" for these comics, I decided to scan them so that I can remember what I sent down there cause, who knows if everything goes according to plan. When DC decided to create serious attraction between Diana and Clark *again*, I thought, good lord Really? I saw all this go down back in the 80's already! Darkseid was involved too! After the signatures are done, they are all going back into my PC. Now as for my first set of comics that I sent out...CGC received them on Jan. 15 and first week in April CCS gave me a headsup with a credit charge that were in their eyesight and now this weekend trying to figure out where the best place to but the signature window on the comics.
  9. You know I'm new to this whole slabbing thing and my initial plan was I would not send my second batch of raw old comics until my first batch of newly minted slabs came back to me. With supposedly signature signings coming up in June of this year (Of course it depends if the virus will allow that to happen) I find myself prepping my second batch cause prior to joining CGC, I have had artists sign some of my favorite books but course there were no official witness but me. It would be nice to get some yellow slabs as I start to reinvest in my comic collection. As I'm deciding which raw comics to send off, I thought how many crazy collectors would just send off a comic that consists of the artist/writer work but others would likely question, why would yout that signed/slab if it's not a key issue? Just so that it would be the only one shown on the census. This stay at home thing is driving me nuts with thoughts like that! As I have mentioned early on in this thread....CGC accepted my comics on Jan 15, Credit Bill was received from CCS so they either still working on them or being shipped back to CGC......
  10. we are about 2 weeks apart....;) they received mine on the Jan. 15 and ccs payment was acknowledgement was a week ago.
  11. Well, CGC had received my book on Jan. 15 of this year and I just received the charge from CCS sooooo now I know that part is being done?!?!?!
  12. Guess it's been a week since anyone has posted any of their spiffy comic covers....
  13. I'm kinda of shocked about their understanding of essential services. A comic book is simply a comic book, I for one don't want anyone dying from virus in result of interacting with society while going to and from the work complex when a lot of people in North America like here in Edmonton, Alberta are being told to STAY HOME......
  14. If someone told me back in the beginning of January that in three months time that my comic book hobby would stop on a dime, I would laugh and laugh and laugh, afterall what are the odds of that ever happening?...…….
  15. LOL.....we will see what the virus says about that! Florida unlike other states were not really paying attention to the virus at the beginning aka Spring break on the beaches!