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  1. Well...... Today is basically the first week of April....and sadly my Howard Porter books are still at the receiving stage... all those supposedly big signings happened wayyyyy back in October....I already got back my Peter David's and Dan Jurgen's books back and from the slab information, they had signed on Nov. 11 and 12 of 2020......I wonder when Howard Porter was able to sign...
  2. Sure would be nice if my "Howard Porter" signature books would get past received status I won't be sending any more books for signatures until the last set of books jumps that big hurdle...
  3. My Howard Porter books are still at the received stage as well..... sigh I am assuming he signed after that big group of October......cause I already received Peter David and Dan Jurgens books.
  4. I have no kids as well, cause if I did I probably would have had to quit ages ago. If comics were still cheap, then yes it would be harder to quit but I just remind myself that near the end of me buying weekly comics, I spent $20 bucks on 2 modern current DC comics and that itself is bad. Prior to signing up to CGC, I read majority of the collections that CGC had linked to their site, I wondered what made those collectors quit? Was it the cost increase over time? Perhaps a untimely death? Or they needed some money? I never dreamt that a year later that my own collection would stop in
  5. Ah Earth 2 (DC) man there was so much potential with that series but sadly the storyline went kaput and it ended...forever logged into one of my comic book boxes.......
  6. Exactly! The thing is, we who bought print are getting old, when I went to a small comic convention, did I see any young kids going through the $2.00 comic boxes? No I did't, so down the road when the seller is trying to unload those $ 6 dollar comics, they gonna have to drop the price just to get those 70 year old comic book readers..........
  7. I still remember DC had at one point advertise the saying, "Drawing the line at $2.99". If they are pushing digital reads then why don't I see the advertisements for that kinda of venture when I surf the net?
  8. I've read some bad DC stories as well like Cry for Justice and recent storyline that they put Wally West through was pretty bad. This is different, we all know that the cost of comics have steadily rose and some of it is related to adding varient covers to issues. I don't see the justification of shelling out over $6 bucks(including tax) for a new modern comic book. It was a great 34 year run. I'll stick to buying blue-ray videos of new DC that Justice Society coming out in May.
  9. Having seen some DC comic previews for March, April and May, I know there's some pretty interesting storylines coming out but I can't walk back into a comicbook store cause the temptation would be to great. If I want to keep a roof over my head and able to buy some food....comics are the one that have to go. Ebay? I have never bought anything comic related from Ebay and I sure in hell won't start now. Gonna be tough for the next couple of weeks though.
  10. Buying new comics? no. Having 34 years worth of DC comics, it's time to reread them and slab them as well. I just didn't realize that beginning of this year that I would be quitting buying new modern books. The cost of individual issues have finally gotten to the point of saying dam, that was pretty expensive entertainment.
  11. I think in general comics are at a crossroads cause of the increase in cost,, sure there's gonna be an expanded Spawn Universe now but how long will that interest last? Then again I wasn't aware that there was a big interest to make a bigger Spawn Universe to begin with. As for the nephews and one niece, showing them what they will likely inherit from their Uncle, a tonne comics that will be old and needed to be slabbed for sale.
  12. The summer of 1987 was my first experience walking into a comic-book shop and buying stack of superman comics and then today was the last time going into my local shop picking up the last round of comics as well as closing my account. Due to some big bills coming up, I realized that the most expensive thing I have to trim from my budget is comics. Last week alone I spent $20 bucks on 2 new modern DC comics, something is wrong with that. There looked to be some interesting stories that were gonna be told but the cost now out weighs the entertainment. You will never see me buy/read digit
  13. You think you have it bad, scroll back abit on this thread and you will see that I am still waiting for 3 books signed by Howard Porter....still at the "Receiving"stage I'm assuming that maybe he showed up at a later date compared to Mr. Peter David and Mr. Dan Jurgens cause both of them signed my books on Nov. 12 of 2020 and I got them a week apart wayyy back in late December...........
  14. Well today is the Feb. 14, I made that post on the 8th....and it's still at the "Receive" staged.....I should mention I have already received signings from Peter David and Dan Jurgens..both of the were lucky enough to sign on Nov.12...perhaps Mr. Porter came much later.....