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  1. Here's my comics that I got Mr. Dan Jurgens to sign....I would have sent alot more down there but my wallet told me if you want signatures from Peter David and Howard Porter then I'm cutting you off at 4 books! Honest wallets do talk! I dig his signature, I would not hesitate to send down more if he ever decides to visit CGC again. I mention this before on this thread but the reason I sent down Superman 60 was because Mr. Dan Jurgens created a character named Agent Liberty whose first appearance was in that issue...sadly no mention of it on the slab...and the character even got a mini-se
  2. Thanks! I went through alot of comic books that Mr. Jurgens has done, it was a tough choice to decide which first ones I should get him to sign. He had jumped onto the Superman title at issue #57, which I also have but I thought getting a character he created 3 issues in would be cooler, sadly CGC does not recognize when Agent Liberty was created. sigh. I was tempted to send in his work from the title he had started Teen Titans Vol 2 1 | DC Database | Fandom but my budget was already at it's limit. Maybe next time he visits CGC. afterall his signature is pretty nice. I do have all of hi
  3. Another fun time opening up a box from CGC with the youngest nephews. My brother convinced me to try out the whole green screen thing aka background soooo I did thus the results are pretty rough . So as of today being Sunday, the last set of books that consist of Howard Porter's signature are still at the "Receiving" stage so probably maybe by the middle of February I'll see them..... then after new slab stuff my wallet says I can afford to send more old comic books down to be graded which looks to be near the end of fall.
  4. Well my books consisting of Mr. Dan Jurgens signature is coming back through Fedex and I checked the Grades cause I can!!!! and I am happy with the results cause well 2 of them are well over 20 years old. Then I realized that some itty bitty info was missing on a book. I had sent it in to begin with to see if CGC would actually know this info apparently they don't or they forgot to tell one of their minions to check Dan Jurgens writing history. Cause I sent in Superman #60 to get signed because..... Agent Liberty was created by Dan Jurgens and made his debut in Superman Vol. 2 issue #60(O
  5. Finally got around to uploading my first set of books from the October signings which included Mr. Peter David. First time testing out the premade window box covers too. oops after post, noticed they are tad blurry from editing out backgrounds..oh well.
  6. It has been awhile because of the waiting period for slabs to come back and finally getting around to posting the video of the unboxing. In this video I shared my experience with my oldest niece and nephew cause they hardly read comic books but now they know the process of preserving somewhat old books. When I'm an elder, I will be asking them to do the job for me. This is the first set of books that have come back, the Dan Jurgens books are currently at the Grading stage and the ones from Howard Porter are still at the "Receiving stage". Sadly I could not send books down to CGC for those
  7. Soooo, the first set of books using the new pre-window made bags came back, and I'm happy with the results. I got Mr. Peter David's signature on 3 books, Supergirl 1 and 4 from the second volume and Ist issue of Young Justice, I'm pleased where he had signed and happy with the grades. Signatures are expensive if you take into account the Canadian Dollar exchange no more books to send down till late fall.....
  8. Hello there! I had 3 sets of books sent down to CGC for that big signature signing at the end of October and along with the pressing, my first set of books from Peter David will be supposedly deliver on Dec. 29th. Although its says Fedex 2day economic delivery, must be cause of the busy christmas season and me living in good old Alberta. He had signed them on November 12... and looks like the second set of books by Dan Jurgens is currently at the "Grading" stage. Now as for the grades from Peter David signings, #1 Supergirl: 9.6, #4 Supergirl: 9.4 and #1 Young Justice: 9.6 Woot.:) I coul
  9. I sent books for Mr. Dan Jurgens, Mr. Howard Porter and Mr. Peter David.....I would have loved to get some signatures from Mrs. Louise Simonson, Mr. Keith Griffen, Mr. J.M. DeMatteis as well as Mr. Chuck Dixon and Mr. Rags Morales but the Canadian Dollar Exchange rate told me "NO! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED!"..... depending how much is in my wallet in the New Year, I may send in some books for Mr. Joe Rubinstein to sign.....
  10. This is the first year of not only getting my old comics slabbed but also doing these signature signing things. Initially I was making my own window bags but I found that I was handling my comics more than I wanted when making the desired window bags. I then discovered those premade blue window bags, which was definitely a stepup but I found that you still have to be pretty careful when slipping both the board and the comic through the side of the bag. Now seeing that you can have a premade window bag with putting board and comings from the top again peaks my interest..... but it will be aw
  11. I've tapped out....I can't send no more comics for the end of this year and beginning of next year.... ;( Maybe if the Canadian dollar exchange rate jumped up by 20 cents....but right now it sucks.
  12. After looking at the state of the Canadian dollar exchange rate at the time of prepping for signatures, I had to take Mrs. Louise Simonson off my wish list. Getting her signature on the first 3 issues of Superman: Man of Steel would have been awesome. Not long after sending the package of books, I find out now that Mr. Chuck Dixon, who I enjoyed his Bird of Prey run and Mr. Rags Morales, who I enjoyed his art during his run on Hourman will be signing sometime in December.......I've mapped out 3 books for each of them but if I send another box down there....then there will be less books fo
  13. Actually I have recently seen some CGC unboxing of Skottie Young remarks on Youtube... you can check there. I don't have any comics related to his art.
  14. Rags Morales now?!?!?!? argh I guess no Christmas presents for my nephews this year...... guess they can watch me do some unboxing of some slabs at the end of this year but that's pretty much it Another sad thing is for every new signature announcement, there are less books I'm sending for that Johns/fabok/finch/Anderson in the end of December/early January...