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  1. I actually wanted Johns to sign some older books outside of this Three Joker storyline and then get Fabok to sign some Justice league books that were actually a prelude to the Three Joker storyline, some of those covers of Justice League he did are pretty dam cool.
  2. You know, .Mr. Sillyonly25cents, just blame this kinda of thing on the Pandemic or chalk it up to the Pandemic. When they announced the signings of Johns, Fabok and Anderson for the new year or so, I thought sweet I can save up money and send some old variety of books for the three of them to sign, then about 3 weeks after that announcement came that bigger one for the end of October......ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH, for me personally I'm capping at 4 people that I would like to get signatures. i would want more artists signatures at that signing but now I realized I will have to cut back on books that I wanted Johns and Fabok to sign in January. Just wish they kinda of space out these signature signings further apart you know... You are right though $120 bucks?!?!?!?!? Another reason I don't read marvel comic books period.
  3. will do but it will be awhile....there's this big signature thing happening at the end of October...I don't think I can fit those 2 CGC slabs into the same box as the other 4 others orders I have for comics to get signed.......
  4. I also have a "flap" on my Signature Slab of WonderWoman #9 signed by Legendary George Perez graded at 8.5...the flap is on the back...eventually I will get it reholded with another slab that needs to be reholded cause it dropped to the floor and now has a crack.
  5. It was quite the learning experience this year when I decided to start slabbing some of my older books and then taking a stab a prepping comic books for signings. As of now, I have about 26 books slabbed and that was all I was gonna do this year. Then came that big signing thing sometime in October/November as well as that Geoff John's and company signing in January. The end result, my budget on slabbing is gonna be hitting the ceiling. It's time like this where it would be awesome to win lottery, that way I would get Mr. Dan Jurgens, Peter David, Howard Porter, Mrs. Louise Simonson, Keith Griffen, J.M DeMatteis to sign "EVERY SINGLE ISSUE" of their work that I have in my collection....sigh....only a dream. Frustrating part is sending enough to make up for shipping costs coming back...Sigh
  6. Etreiw

    Prepping books for signatures.

    I was really hoping that any new signature signings would be done after Geoff Johns and not before.... this really frustrates me cause I wouldn't mine getting some old comics signed by some of the people below me. It comes down to how much money I should be put into shipping. Arggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh .... Deadline for CGC to accept shipment is Oct. 26, 2020....... Dan Jurgens $75 Peter David Signature fee: $75 Howard Porter Signature fee: $75 J.M. DeMatteis $75 Keith Giffen Signature fee: $75 or J.M. DeMatteis & Keith Giffen Duo Signing fee: $100 Louise Simonson Signature fee: $75 Walt Simonson Signature fee: $75 or Walt & Louise Simonson Duo Signature fee: $100
  7. Oh boy, that's a great list of people there. I already set aside a budget for Signature Signings of Geoff Johns, Fabok and Anderson in January but this new signature group for October? I want to cry for joy but the tears you will be see will contain the comics that I can't afford to send.
  8. Etreiw

    Prepping books for signatures.

    Well, the first part is pretty much done, it's just question what the currency is like near the middle of November when I do send my books down to Florida. I wonder how much the currency would change between November and January/February.
  9. Exactly. Which is why the more I think about it, I'll just stick with one signature per book. When I sent in comics to get Amanda Conner and Jim Palmotti signed I did have 2 separate letter boxes but to get 3 signatures? I think I would have had to make one big letter box covering almost the entire book and let the writer's and artist/inker decide where they want to sign but.the cost to get them signed is high for one itty bitty book.
  10. This past weekend I was going through my collection to decide what books I would want to get signed by either Geoff Johns or Jason Fabok, I guess they must have updated the news memo cause now I see that Mr. Brad Anderson is in on the mix too now. $120 bucks American for 3 the hell can you fit 3 signatures on a comic when there's alot of art going on!!!!!!!!!!!! My initial plan was actually to get Mr. Geoff Johns to sign some older books that he has done like the Justice Society of America aka Stargirl as well as Cyclone cause apparently that character will be in the Black Adam movie which is freakin nuts, cause I would have never thought that a character like would be in a movie. Then I would have Mr. Jason Fabok sign off some beautiful covers from the Justice League Darkseid war which eventually gave hints to today's series "The Three Jokers"..... I have already worked to get 2 signatures on one comic...but 3 signatures that's hard work!!!! Since the deadline for CGC to accept comics to be signed is on Dec.15, 2020 I guess I can hum and haw on whether I can really fit 3 on one the moment $120 American dollars = $157.01 Canadian..... OY or maybe instead of having all 5 books of justice league signed with Fabok, get Anderson to sign 2?... so many choices...
  11. To try to make 3 separate letter boxes for Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson on one comic book? hahahahaha someone would have to pay me to do that, I had trouble as is just to put two letter boxes on a comic without disturbing the flow of the art on the cover.
  12. Although Mr. Geoff Johns has done alot of books, I took it down to about 6 books , one of them I'm sending involves Cyclone, which I hear will be staring in that Black Adam movie.... I would have never have thought that character would be in a movie. It will be interesting to see how that character will be played in that movie. As for stars and stripes, I picked up #0, but nothing after that, I think it came down budget wise back many titles was I reading = cost. Oh well. Sad thing is it's 2020, and my pull list is very very short.