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  1. Agreed. I just wasn't sure if Hobgoblin had been confirmed for the movie or just teased at this point. Either way he is one of my favorite ASM villians and certainly deserves a spot in a movie at some point.
  2. I am a proud owner of an ASM 238 9.6W Universal myself (picked it up at a comic show for $50 in 1995). I have been following the jump in FMV recently for higher grade 238s. Is it due to speculation that Ned Leeds will become Hobgoblin in the next movie? Is that official? I saw some speculation on that because the actor recently lost some weight and posted that on his twitter feed but I haven't seen it confirmed.
  3. Those books went down almost as fast as Peter Mcneeley
  4. Just picked up this ASM 31 and ASM 121 combo. Poor Gwen Stacy.