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  1. So I filled out the submission form for the Clayton Crain private in house signing and the total is 75 bc I added a marvel label. When I finish everything it says my total for the signing and grading is 55. Before I check out am I missing something or will it be more than 55?
  2. So my question is that the fee for this signing is 70 dollars plus an extra 5 for a specific label, after i complete the order form for this event it says my total for grading and the label is 55. So does that mean it will be 70 Plus an additional 55?
  3. So I recently sent in a comic to CGC and it was apparently signed by “Marv Wolfman” before I bought it. I got my grader notes back and it’s says in the comment section that “ marv wolfman was written on the cover in marker.” Does that mean it was a fake signature? Or did I submit the comic wrong?
  4. So I ordered a comic from the site ComicXposure.com and it’s been a month now without receiving any email about my comic. I just recently have read the not so good reviews on the company. They won’t answer my calls or respond to my emails. I’m afraid I won’t get my money back and I’m not sure what to do. Can anyone help me out?