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  1. Cheers - yeah that one's qualified but the page is missing rather than married. It so depends on the buyer its hard to be very precise. I'm leaning towards forgetting about it but I'll see. Its fun to think about.
  2. Cheers. I am heeding all the advice - I don't want to spend $500 on a ropey copy to get the wrap. What was the qualified copy..? I had a look and can't find anything - could you tell me where it is..? Purely out of interest. Cheers
  3. Yeah I understand. I guess it depends really on how much money there is in it. A big time dealer wouldn't faff around with a book to make $200 but I probably would. I think the ASM14 is a cool enough book to attract a buyer for say half the price of same general condition but unrestored.
  4. Incomplete..? I don't think so - conserved yes - restored yes but non invasively. A whole wrap that is. A single page stuck in would be invasive.
  5. Hi no I'm not breaking this one up - I might get a tatty one to marry the wrap. I know it would be less hassle to just sell it but I like fixing things if I can. I don't consider marrying to be invasive restoration.
  6. Harry yeh but someone else might - or might not who knows..? Prob more for the splash and first Goblin panel page..? If not such is life.
  7. No idea - maybe none but that doesn't prove anything.
  8. Really..? Wow. I do it all the time with toys. Different market ofc but I think wraps from ASM14 would shift for $50 each..? If I can get the wrap another way though I'd do that.
  9. Yeah - although I see loads of raw books getting decent money. I guess it depends on a few factors. On ebay things can just be returned so its pretty low risk.
  10. Yeah and I have a bit of a problem with that - as I've said before should a 1mm square colour touch really signal 'death'..?
  11. Yeah - its easy to be dismissive of 'small' amounts but if I could get $100 out of it that would go towards a better one. And ofc if I buy a rough book to get the wrap I daresay I could split that book up entirely and get the money back - $50 a wrap..? Seems worth thinking about.
  12. Cheers gadzukes - yeah I am thinking very carefully about what to do. This was £500 odd so will depend how cheap I can get the wrap.
  13. Indeed - not sure. It was £500 odd which I thought was OK. Wouldn't it get a green Qualified though..? I collect. I get upgrades by buying and selling a bit. Same with toys.
  14. I think its a 4.5 maybe 5.0 not sure. With clean and press maybe 5.0..? Not a great photo - in the hand it looks quite nice.