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  1. Cheers MM - I've been emailing on ebay and it seems those books don't have the page either. Looks like rough ASM14 is the only way I'm going to get it.
  2. Yeah the page is unique to ASM14. I'll just have to wait for a wreck to come up for auction. BIN prices on wrecks are silly.
  3. Yeah and I'm now 99.9% sure the ad only appears in ASM14 so I'll have to see if a really rough one comes up incomplete.
  4. Very kind thank you but it doesn't show the interiors. I've asked here and sent a few emails on ebay so we'll see but I think ASM14 might be the only example of the page. Ofc I can get a rough 14 but even they are like $500.
  5. Looks like ASM14 is probably the only book that has that exact page. Other books have different ads on the reverse side.
  6. Sure - I've got a14 with the page missing and I'd like to at least have a loose one to slip inside or maybe even have a go at repairing it.
  7. Hi thank you thats very kind of you. To me it looks like none of the books have the ad same page - the one with camouflage paint on the front and FF and Astonish on the back as pictured in my post..?
  8. cheers yeah but don't have any - investigating - its not in that months Two Gun Kid # 70 - one side is but the other side is different
  9. OK eagle-eyed folks does anyone recognise this page..? Its in ASM14 and I'm trying to find out if its in any other books. Anyone recognise it from any other book..? These pics are both sides of the same page. cheers in advance
  10. Lower on thi sone but in general I've noticed here on the board an average of about 1.5 difference in grades. That's a big difference.
  11. Grading's a mystery to me - all over the shop. (well done though)
  12. Would you believe: I was scrutinising the edges of the back and I didn't notice the stain - true!
  13. Sure. Its for someone who wants to fill a gap with fairly smart copy but can't afford £1500 or whatever.
  14. 5.0..? Or do the initials keep it down to a 4.5..? Interior is pretty good.