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  1. Thank you comrade. Here is a great modern music video about us Russians. We are so beyond the Soviet Union commie stereotype.
  2. Went to top Moscow schools. When I say my English is terrible means I spell very bad and bad grammar like they`re,their or there.I always screw that up. I am great at science and math though.
  3. A lot of them got bounces because of the Avengers movies(like TOS 39, JIM 83 and others ) that will never happen again, than look at the DC Silver age comics they were brought up because of the CW shows. The CW shows have very poor ratings(like very terrible) and from what I hear the CW network is salivating to cancel those shows and concentrate on more normal soaps.
  4. People found out you can make way more in the stock market. The only collectible I would buy now is basketball PRIZM for rookie cards. I cleaned up on Zion, even so the stock market is a way better bet.
  5. Can't wait for this because this will make Americans see how we in Russia had to live. This movie will put Russia on the map with mainstream American viewers. This is good because Americans and Russians will become closer. Americans will find us Russians are very good people but it was both our governments that made us look bad.
  6. I liked the Captain Marvel movie and thought it was cool, but than I was born in Moscow, Russia so to us women are very tough like men. No difference how tough you are when you have to wait in lines for hours for medicine, food or toilet paper. I guess this is a American thing when a woman like Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman show strength some American men get upset? ha ha. In my country we don't care because a lot of us were raised by our strong mothers because our fathers had to travel thousands of miles to find work.
  7. In my home country Russia we loved him because he broke the rules. A very masculine character. I remember reading old Punisher comic books in Moscow and my teacher catching me reading them and then taking my Punisher comic books from me and calling it American propaganda. Also that teacher told my parents about me reading Punisher comic books and I got in trouble. To me the Punisher will always be cool.
  8. Spider-Man(never gives up) Wolverine(that healing power) Superman(Christopher Reeve version because I feel I could trust him).
  9. Two more would be Mr.Fantastic and Invisible Woman. I always thought Ben Grimm The Thing and Johnny Storm were way cooler.