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  1. I could be wrong maybe my friend did end up going to the post office to pick it up never asked he just sent me a message saying he now has it and that he paid custom fees online.
  2. My friend paid on the internet the day before delivery. They no longer collect customs at the door he said (I mean Canada Post). They leave a notice to pick your item up at your local post office and pay there if you do not pay ahead of delivery. I have no idea for UPS, FeDex or any other companies. In total priority mail international took 28 days to get to him. Without the current virus situation usually takes 7-10 days tops. I cannot imagine this year with the holiday season and more and more people buying online it will take most likely 1-2 months if not more in certain cases. Like I said I am jumping ship and not buying or selling till April or May of 2021.
  3. Package delivered yesterday all is good my friend is happy with his book. Now will be doing no buying or selling for 4-6 months till all this slow mail delivery blows over with Christmas coming and the elections I am out. Time to set funds aside for TEC 1 some time in 2021.
  4. For me I would not take the risk of shipping anything over $2500 I could not take the loss if the item was lost or stolen on the way there or on the way back to me. Just not worth it.
  5. I mean there is also a lot of book with chipping that can get worse if sent back to CGC that is a real risk they probably do not want imagine a big chunk off a AF15 coming off what are they suppose to say no we will not re holder your book that would be bad business as well. So could be multiple things that brought the waiver.
  6. I am with you on this but there is something they know hence the waiver. That is my gut felling why else a waiver. Mine will stay in the cases they are in till the day I leave this Earth. I am not risking it simply not worth it. When I sell if I do then the new buyer can deal with that part himself.
  7. I mean this cannot be good for the books sitting in there for years or decades. I would not touch them with a 10 pole stick not with my hard earned money.
  8. Here are other such examples and their are tons of them if you look up images on the internet and type in say cgc newton rings.
  9. Like I said this is just me guessing. Also like I said I would not buy any key books with the newer type holders. That does not mean something bad will happen to people's comics it's just me I prefer not risking it.
  10. I have no idea if they started that due to the newer holders. Just my opinion and gut felling. I could be wrong.
  11. It's just how I feel. I stay away from these holders. I say this knowing my opinion will not be popular.
  12. It's so tightly sealed with these new holders when they open them who knows what can happen. Could potentially just pull off a large art of a signature. If I cannot find a book in the holder type holders I simply don't buy it till one becomes available. I could not stand my TTA27 looking like this. Looks like all the moisture being squeezed out of the paper no thanks.
  13. But then again look at this I am glad my collection all reside in older type CGC holders. I will never ever buy a new generation holder. I mean what is this moisture being squeezed out of the paper.