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  1. Now at 90k with 7 days left may reach 120k.
  2. Since the 1st overstreet price guide came out that is how long I have been waiting.
  3. AF15 in 9.8 would be an easy $5 million dollar book today.
  4. Blablabla crash my eye every time a high happens the same is said and look long term nothing crashed most keys have all done well. People that have sold mostly wish they had held on it's always the same story I have been in this for decades and decades.
  5. X-Men will be one of the dominate forces for a long time they are whatever society is at any given time they adapt better than any team I know of in the entire history of comic books/superheroes. Their popularity is only going to rise. In a world like we now live in they are one of a few best suited to grow. Same as Batman, Spiderman, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, The Avengers and so on. They are top tier simple as that. I agree for now the data does not lie FF1 is still ahead of X-Men 1 value wise.
  6. Yeah right maybe a slight correction that will be about it. Had not gone up much in more than 5 years. Let me guess you don't own one.
  7. By the summer 20k is not impossible. And if it remain hot all year 25k by end of 2021 for a 1.0 is a possibility.
  8. Glad I got my CGC 6.0 about 5-6 years ago for +-5500$.
  9. JIM83 CBCS 1.5 at 3600$ a few hours to go on CL.
  10. A T206 Wagner baseball card now cost $2.5 million dollars for a PSA authentic (not even a PSA 1). AF15 is cheap. I know different hobbies but still AF15 and many comics are cheap compared to many other collecting venues. Plus I see superheroes as a global market.