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  1. 2nd best team in my opinion of the SA after X-Men. Always liked Avengers 1.
  2. I do not think DC will catch Marvel but they still should be considered important books never the less.
  3. Sorry DC do not suck look at SC4 and SC22 they are very cool books. SC4 is a major SA key. I can see SC22 eventually having it's day as well. As for BB28 no way it will go any lower this is already to low for this book. Best time to be a buyer would be now for BB28.
  4. Yeah I do not see BB28 going any lower in value. In the long run I think it will do well. It is conic and a top 10 SA key.
  5. Poor Robin is going to feel unwanted.
  6. BB28 suffered a lot after the movie. What a shame BB28 is iconic. Crazy how one movie can do that to such a key book. I do not think however it will go any lower price wise than it is right now. Seriously I do not get it BB28, SC22, SC4, etc should all get respect and not be so volatile based on a single movie.It is insanity in my view to judge a book from 1960 based on a flop of a movie over 55 years later. For me X-Men is the key team of the SA but BB28 is still a very cool/iconic book. Same as Avengers 1.
  7. For me Batman is much more popular nowadays than Superman. Batman and Spider-Man are the top players now. Batman is so much more interesting in my view. His whole world is just so cool!! But I am sure Superman collectors feel the exact same way about Superman. To each is own. But in 2020 Batman is far more popular with today's world than Superman that is a certainty. On another note I am also pretty sure Captain America is also more popular these days than Superman. Things change over time so who knows what the future holds. Rest assured Superman will always remain a key player.
  8. I am starting to like this series nice artwork. I have no idea how the story line is never picked one up.
  9. I agree but it's the truth. I need a computer since I can buy online and not have to go into stores. And crowds are not my thing. They once where but that has long passed. Especially comics where I live I could find maybe 1 book a year even then nor sure. I have a computer for my hobbies. A camera guess if I had family it would be of use but never had a wife or children. I also get the news and weather on the internet. I own a TV no cable just for watching dvd movies. Old westerns mostly and when a new superhero movie comes out I just buy the dvd online. The internet is also good for old time music on youtube. I can also catch all the radio stations for listening to hockey games. All auction houses are online as well. I never cared to look at pictures. Some people are obsessed with photo albums well not me. I live in a remote location way out of town. Use to live in town but needed the peace of nature and have close friends who live where I live now. I did my 30+ years of service/work and simply had enough. And if I chose to sell something to replace (I usually do not sell comics unless it is to upgrade) it having the internet is the easiest way for me. So many buyers and I can go into my post office and simply ship it out. No hassle just the way I like it.
  10. I would but do not own a camera, ipad, iphone or any of that stuff just a regular telephone. I know that is pathetic but that is the way I live. I am a older guy never got caught up in the hype of these things. Maybe a friend has one of these I will see what I can come up with. No promises they are all old as well.
  11. Thanks yeah would be best to stick to the TEC topic in the GA section. I apologize to all here.
  12. Ungraded TEC 38 1st Robin purchased from a long time friend. He got it in the early 1960's from a fellow comic book collector. My guess will grade 4.0 to 5.0 maybe. He has a bunch more TEC books I need but wanted to seal the deal on this one first. I know for sure it has not been restored. As far as paper quality cream maybe cream to off-white. Not sure I even care to have it graded but I may change my mind after all this world chaos blows over.
  13. Thanks appreciate it just purchased last week a key TEC book I needed so will be laying low for a while.