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  1. I get it but they over doing it. Let it be in the grade it is and let the buyer buy the book not the case.
  2. Some little kid woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was not a happy camper. He wanted Superman but his parents brought home Batman. Ohhh if he only knew!!
  3. Then grade it higher forget these stickers.
  4. Well someone either did not like Batman or forgot to read his comics.
  5. Personally I would not pay a dime more for a book with a CVA sticker but I would for white pages.
  6. My guess maybe 5% to 10% more. No way more than if it had white pages.
  7. This X-Men 1 CGC 8.5 CVA sold fast on comiclink for $52 500:
  8. Nothing wrong owning any graded AF15 just like anything else certain grades are scarcer.
  9. Wonder what the original art for the black lotus would bring?
  10. I love Batman but that 7.0 that sold for 1.5 million would be a book I would not want for that sum of money. The whole front page seems like it's going to come off. The spine is super weak.
  11. They are scarcer in 6.0 and higher just like many other book have a certain grade that separates most graded versus a mush smaller supply.
  12. Did not say it was just looks like it could be.
  13. Anyone else following the 5 original art pieces from the 1st MTG series 1993 Alpha set? Never seen any original art come up for sale before.