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  1. HUGE ALIEN Covenant movie theater banner

    That's why I suggest a mancave, media room, or garage or something.
  2. HUGE ALIEN Covenant movie theater banner

    Maybe someone's interested in this?
  3. HUGE ALIEN Covenant movie theater banner

    No interest in this at all? Would look great in a home theater, man cave, or garage. I have a Logan one too but I was trying to move this one first. I also have a lot of movie posters, mostly horror from the last few years. These are all official release double sided. I know have an extra Doctor Strange too.
  4. Up for sale is a HUGE 15' by 10' coated canvas movie theater banner for Alien Covenant This is unused all grommets and Velcro strips are intact $300 OBO shipping weight is 23lbs so calculate that from 78209 Overseas buyers welcome PayPal, check, money order, gold, silver, and anything that spends is welcome I've included some UV blacklight images as well because the detail really pops the lines will easily smooth out once displayed or used Thanks for looking!
  5. Show us your personal artwork

    New painting tonight. I figure everyone else is painting Wonder Woman right now, why not? Gouache on 17x14 paper What I really like about gouache is the amount of detail you can get with it. If you saw this in person the eyes are loaded with detail.
  6. Show us your personal artwork

    Thank you
  7. Show us your personal artwork

    Here's a Frankenstein's monster I did, but it sold pretty quick so I don't have a better photo of it. Acrylic on canvas. I don't remember the exact size but it's not very big.
  8. Show us your personal artwork

    Here's one I did yesterday Gouache again. (The Bardot above was actually only the second time I had ever used gouache. The first one is a quick simple little Elephant Man piece I did for an art show. I'll post it too soon) 17X14 in size
  9. Show us your personal artwork

    Small Brigitte Bardot portrait Gouache on paper 7X10
  10. Show us your personal artwork

    Here's another: Gouache on paper 17x14
  11. Show us your personal artwork

    I can't remember the last time I posted in Comics General. Long story short... I have fairly recently become disabled and have taken up my doing paintings again mostly because I don't have to move around much to paint and secondly because I've been an artist my whole life and have just now really had the time to be able to focus on it. Here's a few samples: This first one is pretty big. Acrylic on paper 18X24 I'm not sure why the scan looks washed out on here.
  12. WTB Wonder Woman Reader Copies

  13. WTB Wonder Woman Reader Copies Looking to buy a cheap stack of reader copies of Wonder Woman. Would prefer anything pre-1990 Coverless works for me too but would prefer covers.