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  1. WTB Wonder Woman Reader Copies Looking to buy a cheap stack of reader copies of Wonder Woman. Would prefer anything pre-1990 Coverless works for me too but would prefer covers.
  2. Absolute bottom price. Shipped and insured. $2000 Right in line with last GPA sale and this one was a Mark Jewelers copy.
  3. I posted a bunch of issues of Creepy on eBay yesterday and today. Most issues from 2-81 are there including the elusive 32. Most are readers but I've listed them pretty low and will combine shipping. I have a run of Eeries that I thought I would keep because I never did start that title which are from the same OO collection that the Creepys came from. Those run from 2-70-ish. Here's my eBay link. Thanks for taking the time to look!
  4. Posted an ASM 129 CGC 8.5 Stan Lee SS a couple hours ago
  5. ASM 129 CGC 8.5 Stan Lee Sig Series Amazing Spider-Man Number 129 with the first appearance of some guy that wears all black and drives a rape van. CGC Graded 8.5 with WHITE pages and Signature Series signed by Stan Lee attractively (Thank God) in silver. This book had a Mark Jewelers insert in it at one time too for those that care. in the thread trumps PMs because I may not see the PM right away. Full disclosure. Weird wavy light scratch on the top back of the case. I've tried to show it in the last photo. I also apologize now for the phone photos as I have recently moved and don't have my scanner hooked up yet. It goes without saying that this book is only getting hotter with the Netflix show coming this fall and from what I understand Mr. Lee signings are finally becoming limited, if not nonexistent. PayPal preferred yet I can process a credit card also with a small fee through my business account. Bomb proof packaging and I will insure for full value (sorry international buyers, I know that can be expensive). Domestic shipping included in the price! $2100 takes her home! (God why didn't I buy this when I was 15 standing there looking at one for $60 instead of buying Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #64. Granted I was 15 and Cloak was HOT!) EDIT: I will consider trades for things too if I know you or "of" you. I like golden age good girl art and bronze age mags as those that know me know.
  6. Haven't picked anything up in a long time but I couldn't pass up these Skywalds in great shape! Sorry for the crappy cell phone shot.
  7. Surprised at how many of us are in San Antonio. Eyes and ears will be open.
  8. This is what the aftermath of throwing 6 gallons of milk at a model looks like. I know it kind of looks outdoors but this is entirely indoors in the center of my house. My house is just strange.
  9. Name changed. Yes, the milk shots are highly complicated. I've been compiling my last shoot for several months. They are very difficult and most don't realize that it is actual milk and not photoshop trickery.