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  1. Thanks for the detailed response! Yep, I put WT on the package per instructions, and they've marked it received, so I'm part of the way there. We have holidays in US this week which will also slow things down but hopefully I'll get a result by Friday.
  2. I've used both of the ones listed, and you can find some alternatives on Etsy as well. But there's nothing avail I've seen that's custom or interesting visually in the way that sports memorabilia is. Hopefully we will see more in the way of lit bookshelf style cases coming in the near future. Attaching one of the more cool things I ended up doing with the full frames, sorry for low res, had to crop it from another pic, but I liked the tilt.
  3. Thanks Joey. It looks like they've marked it "received" only for today, so you're correct, it will still be a bit.
  4. Newb question, I've done a bit of searching and have seen conflicting info. For those who have used the same day walk through service - if they mark received on a Saturday (today), does the turnaround time mean today? Or would the "same" day be on Monday? Thanks if anyone out there has experience in this matter!
  5. Just sent it in, will report back with how it does. Thanks!
  6. Thank you to you both, the clear rust combined with a great cover are making it tough on me lol.