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  1. three who vanished to three dogs chasing one who wishes he could vanish
  2. Electric Light Orchestra - Livin Thing The ever lovin living THING
  3. John Denver - Thank God I'm a Country Boy
  4. Paul Revere & The Raiders - Steppin Out
  6. How many things can you spot that are odd about this splash page? (From Superboy #27)
  7. The Traveling Wilburys - The end of the line
  8. From Superman Family issue #178 where Lois Lane has been turned into a robot and is chagrined to find out that Superman still has no interest in her. On top of that you have a civilization advanced enough to have developed flying saucers. One of which is sent to Earth to find Super Boy, but even with that advanced technology they have neglected to take into account that with the length of travel involved Super Boy would have aged and become Superman hence there not gonna find him.
  9. ELVIS COSTELLO - Watching The Detectives Includes Our gang kids, Basil Rathbone, and Charlie Chan
  10. Thanks to Sha @skypinkblu for her recent sales thread where I picked up this little gem. Took a photo rather than a scan, as I did not think a scan would do the book justice.
  11. Nice trifecta of books. I have quite a few in the Atom series, but never have gone after the first issue. Nice looking copy on your #1.
  12. The Ran-Dells The Martian Hop Thank Sirius Satellite radio for this song.