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  1. Yes, Pokemon made those years the best until recent years, 2018,2019, which have been pretty crazy between back issues and real strength in Pokemon again. 2020 was off to a great start, would likely have been my best year ever until the pandemic came along. .
  2. We're back again for another Zapp! Con! Wayne PAL 1 PAL Drive Wayne, Nj 07470 March 28th. 10am to 6pm. Badges can be purchased $11 on-line or $10 at the door. 100s of long boxes of $1 and $2 comics and $5 TPBs! Funko POPs, and much more! A great selection of hot books and wall books from Golden Age to Modern! Just picked up some nice Golden Age Bats and Tecs that we'll be debuting that day. Tyler Kirkham and Dan Slott, plus over 50 other artists drawing and autographing all day! See ya there!
  3. Hi, there, We have inquired with CGC about this, and we're waiting to see if anyone is available to facilitate. We will make an announcement if it is going to happen. Best, Ben-Zapp Comics
  4. Right, JS Neptune, JC North Plainfield. JC is the NYCC exhibitor. Yes, pharmacist. To my knowledge, JS never exhibits there. Godzillas aren't in the bargain boxes anymore unless low to mid-grade.
  5. I think you mean JC comics. JS comics is the Ebay seller,different dealer.
  6. I'm in New Jersey and I buy collections. Contact me if you're interested in an offer-the one you got seems low based on the list. Thanks, Ben
  7. I wasn't there. I think someone opened up a toy store and used my name.
  8. Thanks! I'm working on my NYCC stock now. No more $1 books, my friend. The rent is too damn high! But LOTS of good $2 and $5 books.
  9. I probably wasn't totally clear...I don't enjoy boxing and shipping...that's why I wouldn't want to do it full time...of course it's a necessary evil and something I would have to do, but I wouldn't want to do it full time...I'm not afraid of hard work...just wasn't totally clear... I like your image of the store...It will be mostly MTG and gaming as I reflected in a later post...I've been building up some inventory the last few months and have some nice minor keys...nothing ultra high end, but hopefully I can build up to that... Awesome feedback, thanks! I don't have the time to read through this entire thread but just saw the the title, "Opening up a brick and mortar". I would NOT suggest opening up a comic book store mainly for the reason that present day comics, like other print mediums, are going completely digital. In the next few years current print issues are undoubtedly going to be obsolete with tablet/iPad prices dropping, more readers owning them and everything print going digital and mobile. Diamond has already begun selling lots of their stuff on eBay and unless they can survive on the Gemstone publishing brand alone, they too are likely gone. Comic Books stores who rely solely on flipping new issues, hardbacks and trades will be closing their doors. It's already started happening to them but you'll see more and more in the years to come. I'm sure you've already thought through this but what else do you plan on selling? You're probably better off just setting up at cons and trying to flip back issues. There's no money in selling modern stuff. You'll undoubtedly have to mark things up and because you've got rent/retail space, you won't be able to compete with Amazon/eBay. While this may be a passion it sounds more like a sinkhole given the current state of storefront retail. Not true. While in the very long term print could be on its way out, in the present and near term, physical comics are still very much alive. Digital has been around for many years now, and sales on print have steadily risen the past 5 years. not gangbusters, but certainly not dead yet.
  10. Some great advice here, thank you! I have 2 LCS owners that are guiding me with new comics and ordering...I may not do it right away as some people have suggested, but I was told by a few LCS that "new comics" is what brings people in weekly and they inevitably buy some back issues as well...of course the risk is there and I'll have to start slow... Unless rent is really cheap,will be very hard to survive without new product arriving weekly to bring in traffic. If Long Island rents are like Jersey, you'll need that steady traffic and daily volume. We do a lot with vintage material. It's profitable and a great differentiator, but not consistent enough for storefront with the high rent clock ticking.
  11. Great thread! I will chime in here. My shops have been open for nearly 24 years and we're still at it. Business is very good and has been for the past 4-5 years. I've learned a lot from my mistakes and am still constantly learning. There are myriad, obvious reasons that stores don't succeed,like location, insufficient capital, macro-economic, inventory issues, personality problems, etc. However, I've observed one major reason that most stores fail: The new owners bring tons of passion, but have NO experience buying and selling stuff. Before committing to a full time brick and mortar, and all that it entails in cost and time, I would buy and sell part time for as long as possible, either at conventions, ebay, facebook groups, etc. This experience and knowledge of actually having to buy and sell correctly and manage that bankroll is something that is best learned by doing. And, is best learned on a small scale so your mistakes don't bury you. I have seen many, many shops that had plenty of capital and plenty of passion, but zero expertise in running a business where you have to buy and sell correctly. They run into trouble fairly quickly. I would also highly recommend doing that road trip suggested earlier and get as many ideas from other shops as possible.