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  1. I had a 6.0 black widow that USPS lost this past fall. It was en route, and during one of the stops mid way it was scanned and then never seen or heard from again. I talked to USPS staff at three different locations, sent emails, filed a claim, and even had a senior level manager at the "corporate" level try and get a contact to the "lost and found warehouse" but apparently that thing is fort knox and its also basically a skiff where there is no communication in and out. I never received anything other than, "we will get back to you", "someone should be calling you", "file another claim o
  2. I bought a book on auction from them and had a couple questions. Ive called three times and sent an email and had zero communication back my way. I have found an extreme lack of customer service....I've heard similar occurrences from other friends.
  3. Last call for offers on the rest. Thanks to those that have purchased.
  4. The sale is now closed. Thanks to all that purchased, inquired, or just took a minute to view the thread.
  5. Invoices starting to go out. Feel free to send pms on remaining books. I will keep this open for another day or so.
  6. The last book of the thread probably... Hawkman 4 First Appearance of Zatanna CGC 9.4 Tough book in high grade Only 14 in grade and only 14 higher. In comparison FF48 has 300 in grade or higher and Hulk 181 has almost 1100 in grade or higher which is a large majority of the entire census count for hawkman 4 period. Zatanna movie coming. Followed by Justice League Dark Show. Director already announced. Asking $10,000 ... check only.
  7. Eternals 1-6 All CGC 9.6 except for #4 Multiple first appearances Once eternals movie drops these books will double easy. Probably letting them go too soon. Asking $2000
  8. Spellbound 16 Classic Skull Reaper Cover Russ Heath Cover Love when you see Stan Lee, Sinnott, Everett and Heath all work on a book together. Asking $250
  9. Wow Comics 25 6 on the census Beautiful Mary Marvel Cover VF- Pages look great pages supple. That 1940s smell just invigorates the lungs. 😜 Wont be sad if it has to stay with me. Asking $325
  10. Going to add a couple more books later tonight and then start sending out invoices. Let me know if you have any offers or thoughts. Cheers to those whom have claimed so far. I am grateful.