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  1. Take both at 20%? Im pretty sure I saw a 15% and maybe a 20...I got lost in the book of pages. If so Ill take it.
  2. Ive enjoyed seeing the books you are sharing with the boards. Thanks Jimbo!
  3. Hello, I am in search of a Venom Lethal Protector 1 Gold or Black Variant. Prefer Raw, but will take slabbed. Please DM with info and prices. Thanks! Ref
  4. I purchased a book from Joe. Great communication, great shipping and timeliness! Class Act!
  5. I agree that these are two covers, but for example there was just a sales thread last week that had a beautiful 4.5 Shocking Mystery Cases 51 and it sat there for over a week. The price was reasonable based off other recent sales and ebay asking prices. But no one jumped on it...If I had an extra grand laying around I would have considered it, but I don't so I just watched lol.
  6. I don't think you are very far off. I will join you in unpopular opinions. Although I agree Cole is extremely talented, I have no idea why anyone likes that blue bolt 112. That book is even rising in price, and I see oohs and ahhs when posted on the board. But I am frankly not impressed or compelled to it with so many other rich PCH covers.
  7. Ghostly Weird and Witches Tales best two covers in that lot in my opinion. Awesome books. Thanks for sharing!