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  1. Sam purchased a large awesome Star Wars collection from me. In the middle of the deal the Snowapocaplyse as they are calling it in Texas hit and many days without power or running water hit our city, Sam was understanding and patient and communication was present the entire time. Much respect to him and a great boardie to do business with. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him. A+
  2. Stumbled across this thread and thought I would offer my two cents on a topic that I probably didn't read enough to know if Im completely on topic. I believe the initial question is are people grading magic cards like they are grading sports cards and pokemon cards? From my knowledge people have graded high end investment cards for years with PSA/BGS. Although I use CGC to grade my comics, I use PSA for my sports cards, and if I choose to grade my magic collection in the future will use them as well. True investors will need time before they start spending money on slabbed cards in cgc ca
  3. All done updating. I put a fair price as there are a handful of these books graded that go for 1500-2000....to that point I want to keep the lot together as a whole. One transaction please. Not many lots like this rolling around. With Star Wars values increasing almost weekly. Market is red hot and still tons of meat left on the bone for you dealers and speculators. Feel free to DM. Already got a few messages and one offer.
  4. I was almost done typing it all up and stopped to respond to a message and it all deleted. Terrible.
  5. Star Wars Darth Vader 3 – 4 Copies CGC 9.8, CGC 9.6, 2 NM First Doctor Aphra Star Wars Darth Vader 3 Second Print NM First Doctor Aphra Star Wars Darth Vader 3 1:25 Larroca Variant NM First Doctor Aphra Star Wars Heir to the Empire 1 NM First Thrawn and Mara Jade Star Wars 11 1:25 Mora Variant Star Wars The Rise of Kylo Ren 1:25 Crain Variant First Avar Kriss VF+/NM- Structurally NM but some color rub Star Wars Doctor Aphra 1 1:25 Whitter Variant CGC 9.8 Star Wars Doctor Aphra 2 1:25 Pichelli Variant – 2 Copies CGC 9.8, NM First New Team on Cover Star Wa
  6. Howdy Everyone I have for sale a high end Star Wars spec lot. Lots of goodies in here and lots of first appearances. I have had this in my send to CGC pile but figure I will give it a shot here first. Some unexpected house repair bills have come up. Rules No body on banned or probation list. I accept payment through check, or money order because of the size of the lot. Books will ship after money clears. Might be open to Payment Plans and Partial Trades, just Message me and we can talk. No returns unless damaged in shipping. I will ship overni
  7. Still looking. I have a couple early flash books that have been brought to my attention, but would really love to find one of these. Thanks
  8. No doubt! Sometimes all people need is a nudge to gamble.
  9. Because a 7.0 looks better than a 6.5 and I was chasing a moral victory more than the dollars. The case also had a crack in it, so Instead of just recase it, I figured lets CPR it. If it had been a new cracked case I would have just recased it without a CPR attempt.