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    From my research on the patent (#5106126) the colors red, yellow, and blue inks were used to print the Ninjak logos on chromium. Either too much red ink was used, or, the yellow ink ran low so the logos look more red than orange.
  2. Barnsackett


    Thanks. I appreciate the feedback. I don't think I have the Gold edition of Ninjak #1. The comic logo on the Gold Ninjak is yellow and red (pic with one comic) Also, the Valiant brand on the upper left of the comic is yellow. I have 2 copies of Ninjak #1. Is the Ninjak #1 (pic with 2 comics) with the red logo a misprint? Thanks, Mike Cross
  3. Barnsackett


    I have 2 Ninjak #1 comics. They are identical except for the brands. One is silver and orange and one is silver and red. Why the differences?
  4. Can CGC rebind comics that have come unbound? If restored, how does the comicverse value the comic? Good with a value? Bad without a value?
  5. I purchased a CGC Universal Grade Comic from ebay. The number above the code bar is 0962261110. The plastic protector is chipped. It was mishandled and dropped or something. How do I get it repaired by the CGC? Thanks, Barnsackett