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  1. While not exactly PL material here, I'm sure it's safe to say this clowns days of selling on the boards have come to an end. Buy Bye scam-meister.
  2. Who is more interesting when they are either "off their meds" or "taking too many illicit meds", CAL or Connoisseur?? JOE- who is on CAL's list.
  3. Cut Chuck a break, will ya? He needs his weed/pottery spending money, darn it!
  4. Nothing, except Diva doesn't have any copies that he can over-grade or over-price to sell on the 'bay to some sucker.
  5. Par for the course.
  6. So, do you also believe CGC should be held liable for poor packaging and shipping practices between buyers and sellers? What about the collector who sends his slabs to CGC for a re-holder who does a half-hearted packing job that damages the slab and the book? Should CGC still be held liable, even though the damage had nothing to do with them? Where does it end?
  7. Nope, it's what happens when you ship your books to CGC in a regular envelope with no bag or board and no cardboard sandwich.
  8. Candy corn in his ear from the wild Halloween party he went to the night before.