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  1. Well you guys were spot on or darn close to it. I think if I had provided a picture of the back it would have helped. Anyway, Thank you all and here are a couple pictures.
  2. I have a fresh CGC graded 7.5 off-white to white. Fedex is supposed to be delivering it today. Let em know if you are interested.
  3. Thank you to all for the thoughts. I'll post the results from CGC when the book gets back to me. Should be in the next couple weeks.
  4. I bought this All-American Comics #61 45 years ago at a country auction in NY state. It was never my favorite book but for some reason it never got sold or traded with the rest of my collection. I just sent this book off to CGC to be graded and I thought I would ask you guys to give me your opinion on the grade. Cover is attached, back and story are complete. Sorry in advance for the lack of pictures. I would have taken more but did not find this forum until after sending the book out. Thank you in advance for any thoughts.