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  1. Is it only the Wolverines that have this black center with purple/blue edges distortion?
  2. Had to play with the lighting and angles to even get this much of the image to appear. Can only really make out his fist and claws. The rest is an abyss.
  3. I fogot to ask: did all of your sticker holograms shift, or did only some of them shift color? If they all shifted color, did they all shift to the same color?
  4. Is it possible we see more variations now because of current technology? If these variations existed back in 1993, the only way we would have known about them is if Wizard magazine published something about them. But because of the internet, we have now been made privy to anything and everything, almost instantly, for the past 2 decades. So maybe these variations existed in '93, but there was no way to get the word out such thing as internet.
  5. The only problem with that is that there are slabbed 9.8's out there with just about every color variation. So if this light/heat/exposure/moisture was strong enough to affect a hologram that much, then the cover and pages in these books should also show discoloration and damage, just as much, if not more so than the hologram on their covers. Yet they get 9.8 grades. 🤔
  6. If that were true, then wouldn't they all have shifted to the same color. Why would some still be green and others black?
  7. 2 more additions to the family today. I thought one of these was more of a partial Blue like my others, but when I got it home it looks like more of a blue/green (?) Maybe it is a partial blue, just not very much blue at all. Oh well, I still can't believe I found this mostly Black Wolvie at the same time.
  8. I decided to snatch it up. It's crazy how the position of the light, as well as the distance, angle and amount of light can be used to bring out more blue.
  9. I found a partial blue today, of the Magneto hologram and the book is pristine. My LCS wants $4 for it. Is that worth it?
  10. So what is the difference between partial blue, and blue/green?
  11. I was waiting for someone to say that. What took you so long??
  12. I also forgot to mention that this is a Newsstand variant as well. Has there been any consensus on whether these blue and blue/green holos occur more in Direct vs Newsstand variants?